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SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers (by Caroline Hoff, issue 20) have been made…


The SEW Hip! pattern is advertised as a beginner’s pattern, and I wholeheartedly agree.


The Slouchy Slippers are  


easy to make.


If you are short on Christmas gift ideas and you fancy ‘making’ your loved ones a present, then this pattern is for you. 

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SEW Hip! Slipper Instruction step 2
Joel Dewberry Fabric & Pin

Being Spring ‘down under’ I adapted the pattern a little…


Instead of using fleece on the inside of my Slouchy’s, I went for Osnaburgh Cotton; it’s lightweight and works well with every colour imaginable.

plus I have loads of it 

…(for some reason).

Of course, being Spring doesn’t alter the fact that I need non-slip fabric

for the underside of my slippers.


Picture 3803 (Medium)
SEW Hip! Slipper Instruction Step 3
Pin & Rubber Doily



Non-slip fabric is something I have never had to buy before…

and judging by the look on the face of the assistant at my local ‘you want it, we’ve got it’ store, neither has anyone else in Sydney.

It’s interesting

how much a blank look can convey.

 Not being one to give up at the first hurdle, I scuttled off to find something I could use instead.


SEW Hip! Slipper Assembling
SEW Hip! Slipper Instructions Step 4
Joel Dewberry Fabric & Rubber Doily

Incredibly over near the curtain department, I found some weird rubber doily tablerunners.

you read right…




Hmmm… Sydneysiders don’t have any need for Non-Slip fabric, but they have for rubber doily tablerunners…REALLY?!

Anyway, I cut some of the doily out & hand sewed it to the soles. Job done.


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So here they are, my version of the  

SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers.

  SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers

SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers

SEW Hip! Slouch Slippers


Purchase SEW Hip! Issue 20 HERE


Sewing Daisies - Sign off

The inconvenient truth:


Thank you so much for stopping by Sewing Daisies and checking out some of my sewing blog posts, it’s great to hear from you.

I thought I would post a little update regarding this pattern as a number of people have requested the pattern in full.

Sorry, but I am unable to provide the pattern in full.

I can however, recommend you check out the following link for some gorgeous fabric slippers over at:

Needle & Ladle

I haven’t tried this pattern myself, but having read through the pattern they appear to be very easy to make, and in my opinion, a nicer looking slipper.

Thank you for stopping by and understanding I can’t provide you the full pattern.


36 Comments on SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers…completed!

  1. my grammie had those tablerunner! These slippies are way too cute, Think this is a smart idea for Christmas gifts for daughter’s housemates! Thanks much.

  2. I love your slippers, I’m going to have to look for that book here. Sometimes Joanne’s has them, but they’re not easy to find. What I use for non-slip (and a million other things) is the roll of rubber shelf liner. Usually found in the housewares dept. with contact paper and comes in a zillion colors. I swear I have that stuff somewhere in every room of my house, under rugs, cutting boards, under the sewing machine. It should be called Wonder Under.

  3. I saw this last week and it’s been on my mind ever since. I can’t dig up the magazine here and would love to have the pattern if you can share it!

  4. I have made nearly 10 pairs of these slippers. They are going to be Christmas presents. I live in Canada, so fleece is mandatory in the winter. I found that basting the edges of the tops before I attached them to the non-slip surface prevented the slipping around fleece seems to do when attached to anything other than itself. I love the fabric you used for your slippers. And I’m sure your non-slip solution is way more affordable than the gripper stuff I’ve used. I’m looking for rubber doilies from now on!

  5. 10 pairs!!! That is brilliant Nancy, there are going to be some happy toasty people on Christmas morning. I would love to see them, you have any photos up on Flickr or on your blog (after xmas)?

  6. I just found your blog on the sew hip group on facebook and must say I am seriously impressed with all the projects you have made! I particularly love this one as it is my pattern that they printed and its fab to read all the comments of people enjoying it and to see the ones you made! I love the fabric you used and think the doily was a great idea!!!

  7. Hi Caroline!
    Thank you very much for stopping by…your pattern has proven to be a huge hit which isn’t really surprising given how fantastic the end result is.
    I should imagine after the holidays you will be seeing a lot more versions of the Slouchy Slippers on Flickr.

  8. Hello Heidi,
    Beautiful slippers! I’ve arrived on your websit via Pinterest. Where can I find the pattern? I’ve tried the Sew Hip website without any luck at all.
    I hope you’re having a fantastic day! It’s was a sunny 32* here in Kamloops, BC!
    Thanks for you help!

  9. Love these slippers! Can’t wait to make them. I am going to use shelf liner since it looks a lot like the doilies. Also think microfiber cloths would work. Tried rubbing one across the floor to see if it would slip and it didn’t.

  10. Non slip fabric is available at Sam’s Warehouse in Qld, by the roll – used for opening jars and putting on mats that “travel”. I use it on the bottom of my slippers!!

  11. Hey it just hit me, you could use squiggly lines of puffy fabric paint to make them nonslip. I have socks with something similar on the bottom.

  12. I love these slippers. You can get non-skid fabric here in the US. Where can I get the pattern?

  13. I just saw these slippers & they are soooo cute! Where can I get the pattern please? Would be great for next Christmas homemade gift exchange with my quilting/sewing friends. Thank you!

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