SEW Hip! Dressing Gown

SEW Hip! Dressing Gown (issue 20) has been made and I am loving it!…


Not only is it my first SEW Hip! adult garment,

it is also the first thing I have sewn for myself that I am  

happy to wear!



This SEW Hip! Project has been classified as an intermediate level project but I think a beginner can make this without too much trouble. 


  SEW Hip! Dressing Gown



That's not to say that I didn't have issues with the SEW Hip! Dressing gown.

I did.

They just weren't my  usual ones…

i.e sewing things on back to front, upside down and inside out.


Tokyo-subway-map (Medium)



No, my problem was with the pattern,  

in particular trying to decipher it from all the other ones.


Never have I seen so many lines, dots, dashes on a pattern sheet before,

it was like looking at the Tokyo subway map!



  SEW Hip! Dressing Gown



To make things worse, you aren't actually told how many pieces

there are to trace & cut out…



That's how many of them there are!



SEW Hip! Dressing Gown



I am not lying

when I say that this was the hardest part of the whole process.



I got really close to quitting.


SEW Hip! Dressing Gown




The rest of the SEW Hip! Dressing Gown project was a piece of cake in comparison.

So much that I

forgot to take photos!


  SEW Hip! Dressing Gown



Ignoring the nightmare at the beginning,

this project is a fantastic way to get into 'dress-making'


You get a lovely new dressing gown!!


SEW Hip! Dressing Gown




So here it is my version of the

SEW Hip! Dressing Gown

SEW Hip! Dressing Gown



(I have untied the front so you can see the shape of the back & raglan sleeves)

SEW Hip! Dressing Gown

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7 Comments on SEW Hip! Dressing Gown…Completed!

  1. I know what you mean about trying to decipher which pattern to trace! I just traced the pieces for the Tartan Skirt. Took me ages to realise that a squiggly line meant you are supposed to tape the two pieces together! Thanks to you, I will ensure I have 10 pieces when I make this dressing gown.

  2. Love the dressing gown Heidi! The fabric you’ve chosen is so light-hearted and fun too! Beautiful job despite the Tokyo subway map pattern!

  3. Congratulatins on your first garment to wear and it looks very summery and beautiful.
    Wait until you get converted to Burda, they are even more fun to trace, but they do tell you how many pieces you need to find 🙂

  4. This turned out just lovely, Heidi. Congrats on completing this piece! Love your fabric choice. Have a great weekend. xx Josie

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