SEW Hip! Nightgown


SEW Hip! Silky Nightgown (issue 23) is my 24th 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge project….



Making it the


SEW Hip! project of my 2010 Challenge!




SEW Hip! Nightgown


 The SEW Hip! Silky Nightgown was surprisingly easy…

I know I say that alot but it really was!




  SEW Hip! Nightgown





It's marked as an Advanced pattern, but just like the Dressing gown

I think a complete novice can handle this.





SEW Hip! Nightgown



All you have to do

is cut out two rectangles, sew the two together and

you are half way there!




SEW Hip! Nightgown





The beauty of this pattern

is that you can adjust the measurements as you go along.




Picture 4625 (Medium) (Medium)





I chose to reduce my sleeve openings

by 3 inches and to take in the side seams by 2cm,

and I still have a lot of room to move?!





SEW Hip! Nightgown



Even the waistband was obligingly easy to fit so  

no complaints

there either.



SEW Hip! Nightgown


Once the waistband is on,

all you have to do is thread through some ribbon and you have

the perfect beach dress!


SEW Hip! Nightgown




 I guess I forgot to mention

I decided to turn the Silky Nightgown into a beach dress.

Check out it out

I call it the Avalon (beach dress)



 Picture 4960 (Medium)


 Picture 4973 (Medium)



  Picture 4960 (Medium)




Copy of Picture 4968 (Medium)




Picture 4960 (Medium)




Hmmm..what to do next?

7 Comments on SEW Hip! Silky Nightgown…completed!

  1. Well done on finishing your challenge and for all those Beyond the Square crochet shapes that you’ve made this year – I got as far as borrowing the book from the library, but not much further!!
    Love your beach dress!!

  2. Thank you Fiona…you can never have enough beach dresses.
    Now I need to figure out what to do next year; it’s feels a little weird not having something to work towards 🙂

  3. Congratulations on completing your sewing projects! The dress turned out lovely, your fabric choices are always fresh and breezy. I’ve enjoyed your crochet motifs and you’ve inspired me to actually try a Japanese pattern (and not just drool over the pictures in books!). Happy New Year, Heidi. xx

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