SEW Hip! Silky Nightgown


SEW Hip! Silky Nightgown (issue 23) is to be my final 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge project…



I know, but I thought that as it's the last sewing project of 2010

that I should make it count.

  Countdown - hands


Besides, I  have had a brief look at the pattern instructions

and I don't think that there's anything in it I can't handle, despite the

advanced difficulty rating…


2 Comments on SEW Hip! Silky Nightgown…the prequel

  1. The difficulty rating is probably based on the fabric you use, if you use silk, take a deep breath and use lots of pins or even some starch.

  2. oooh…exciting!
    I am struggling to get dressing gowns finished for Christmas!!
    Is Issue 23 out in the newsagents in Sydney??
    Seems I only just tracked down Issue 22.

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