Craft Nations: Tunisian Crochet…

The other month

I tried to enlighten myself about crochet and discovered that


no one


 knows where it comes from, and even less people know when.

Disappointing I know, but there it is.


I did however,

discover that there are 100’s of different types of crochet;

and some them have exotic names!

 So today is all about Tunisian Crochet



Did you spot the small woohoo?



it turns out that despite it’s exotic name,

Tunisian Crochet has little to do with Tunisia.


It turns out it was the French who first coined the term

‘Tunisian Crochet’


No one can say for sure.

(Quelle Surprise)


In fact, during it’s first heyday (Victorian Era)

Tunisian Crochet

went by a number of different names including;

Afghan Stitch

Shepherd’s Knitting

Tricot Crochet

Hook Knitting

Tricot Ecossaise (Scottish knitting)

Railway Knitting


How about we put the ‘background stuff’ to bed

and take a look at what makes this

style different

from the ‘standard’ form of crochet.

“Tunisian crochet is a needlework technique that borrows  

elements from both knitting and crochet,

creating sort of a fusion of the two techniques.”



This is more like it.


So what makes this style different?


well for starters the hook is much longer than the standard crochet hook.  The one I picked up the other day is 30cm long. That’s double the length off the hook I normally use.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I suspect I will poke myself in the eye when I do.

Knitting Hook aside the real difference I can ascertain between the style I do now & Tunisian Crochet is the fact that you don’t have to turn your work to start a new line.

What ????!!



According to my lovely new book by Sharon Hernes Silverman

“each row is worked in two passes: The forward pass, in which loops are added to the hook, and thr return pass, in which loops are worked off the hook”.




Also…you can do Purl & knit stitch with Tunisian Crochet.





























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