Crochet Salmon Shawl

Crochet: Salmon Shawl has finally been completed…



It took a little longer than I had anticipated


it was worth it.



Crochet Salmon Shawl


Completing the Salmon Shawl

means I have tapped into one of my 2011 goals;

to make some clothes for myself.


Crochet Salmon Shawl


 This Japanese pattern is actually easy to follow;

the tricky part for me

was trying to work out how to join all of the

salmon flowers together.

Crochet Salmon Shawl


For the life of me I could not get my head around it.

I spent a whole day

trying to get the last 3 lines of flowers together

(there are only 6).

Crochet Salmon Shawl


it only took a 10 min You Tube break to resolve

whatever mental block I had

(yay for gypsy-pirate music).

  Crochet Salmon Shawl


 By the end of day

all of the flowers were happily brushing petals.



Crochet Salmon Shawl


Once all of the lovely flowers were together,

all I had to do

was crochet the pretty border

Crochet Salmon Shawl

Crochet Salmon Shawl

Crochet Salmon Shawl

Crochet Salmon Shawl

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12 Comments on Crochet: Salmon Surprise…Shawl

  1. Heidi, you’ve done it again! Your shawl is a just a scrumptious thing to behold! Your monochromatic colour scheme reminds me of strawberry short cake with whipped cream… YUMMY!!!

  2. Hi Becca!
    Good question, I will have a look at the pattern and get back to you…but I know I struggled with the last 3 rows.
    I think I spent a whole afternoon playing around trying to get the motifs to fit. I have a sneaky feeling that instead of adding the motifs at the beginning of the row I popped one in the middle.
    I don’t recommend doing that.

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