Terracotta Triad Crochet


Crochet: Terracotta Triad is not the latest branch of a criminal organisation…


But a

little project

I worked on over the weekend.


   Terracotta Triad Crochet


 I was hoping to present

‘Salmon Surprise’

but I still have a little way to go with it.



Terracotta Triad Crochet

The pattern comes from one of my gorgeous

Japanese crochet books

ISBN 9789866817168

Terracotta Triad Crochet


These little guys are supposed to be

pin cushions

but as they are the size of my hand…



Terracotta Triad Crochet

they make great building blocks

(type things)

for little ones.


Terracotta Triad Crochet

Soft & Squishy!


Terracotta Triad Crochet

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8 Comments on Crochet: Terracotta Triad…

  1. Hi Heidi,
    You take fantastic photos. Do you do anything special to set up? Do you use a photo box? I’m still learning so anything you have to share will be appreciated. I love your blog and your crocheting is to die for.

  2. Thank You Sandy for all of your lovely support.
    Re: Photography…
    I don’t use a photo box. I use white cloth on my dining room table and take shots using natural light (I have huge windows, so lots of light).
    My new camera doesn’t have a macro function so I use digital zoom for the close up’s.
    and for the ‘light, bright & airy’ feel I take shots that are overexposed, technically incorrect I believe, but that’s the way I like them 😀
    I hope that helps?

  3. Heidi, there you go again with that Japanese crochet…needless to say I LOVE these little squishy blocks. Great idea for scented sachets. I’m with Sandy at Teacup, your photography is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your tips. I’m aspiring to improve my photog skills as well. You’re the best 🙂

  4. Heidi… I’m dying to make these little triads myself… could you post the pattern or give me the name of the book so that I can check it out? I thought these would be great on a Christmas tree or baby mobile!
    Looking forward to your reply.

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