SEW Hip! Celebrations

What an amazing year 2010 was…


24 SEW Hip! Projects in 12 months!


I really didn't think I would finish my SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge

but I did and it was worth it.



SEW Hip! Block Quilt
SEW Hip! Block Quilt


It's safe to say my 2010 learning curve went off the chart with this challenge;

not only did I learn about sewing

I also got a wonderful insight to




& Photography.




SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch
SEW Hip! Blossom Clutch



I really hope 2011

is going to be just as exciting.





SEW Hip! Baby Boots
SEW Hip! Baby Boots



So what exactly did I make in 2010 from the SEW Hip! magazine?

well, check this out…

1 Pair of baby boots

5 quilts

1 dressing gown

1 throw

2 cushions

1 Nightgown/beach dress

2 soft toys

2 purses

3 tablerunner/mats

4 bags

1 Headband


1 Pair of slippers



Not bad eh?




SEW Hip! Henrietta the Hippo
SEW Hip! Henrietta the Hippo




 No doubt you are wondering what I plan to do in 2011.






SEW Hip! Coin Purse

SEW Hip! Coin Purse




Well, I think I am going to take a closer look

at some of the things that really had me stumped last year e.g.



free-motion quilting

(you can never have enough quilts)


projects involving hexagons

(there has got to be an easy way to sew them together)

and dress-making

(a woman can never have enough clothes)




whatever else takes my fancy.




  SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt

SEW Hip! Butterfly Quilt





Before I go and open my celebratory bottle of rootbeer…


I would just like to thank all of the wonderful people

I have met in the past 12 months.



In particular;






Alison B

Sue Webb

Bethel of Bethania



Cherry Pix



& Merchy


 Thank you all so much!!

for your continued support on Sewing Daisies, not to mention your

great sense of humour & wonderful insights.




  SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers
SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers




I would also like to thank SEW Hip! for producing a great magazine & for selecting a few of my projects to go in their Readers Gallery!




  Oscars (Medium)




As I have gone all Olivia de Haviland (Oscar's 1947) on you,

I would also like to mention how great the hubbie has been.


In the past 12 months

he has been dragged through countless fabric stores & haberdasheries 

and not once did he complain.



Kudos to the man!


Lace-edge-heart (Medium)

  Let the celebrations begin




SEW Hip! Challenge: 6 months ago


8 Comments on SEW Hip! Challenge Celebrations!!

  1. Wow – your hubbie goes into fabric stores with you? Mine would rather do just about anything else. Yours definitely deserves a medal!! Mine gets roped in when I’m glueing on purse frames as I just can’t do it cleanly on my own, but other than that he’d rather not get involved at all! And yet he’s very appreciative when he doesn’t have to go shopping for Christmas or birthday pressies because I make most of them these days!
    I think you’ve had a great year – can’t wait to see what you do in 2011!!

  2. Yes, what a great year of creativity for you. I keep saying it, but your work is just lovely. A big WOOHOO to you! How wonderful your hubby is…mine is always supportive, but I can’t think of one time he’s ever actually come into a yarn store with me! Keep up your beautiful creative spirit and here’s to lots of inspiration/motiviation this year 🙂

  3. Congratulations! What a fun goal! I really like the things you made via SEW Hip! And I want to know more about your macro photography! It’s so deliciously crisp; presents your creations to perfection! I have that function on my camera – now need to learn to use it! Keep up the blogging – I get a lot of inspiration from you! Thanks!

  4. Yahoooo! You did it! I knew you would. You are one inspirational lady! Free motion quilting sounds fun, but I will have to practice the tops first. Will be watching to see how it goes. Just bought my first Sew Hip of the year. Lots to make and I will try to make some this year! Take care and well done you!

  5. What a great way to end 2010! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished… I was looking at your list, and boy it’s impressive, AND it doesn’t include all the crochet projects does it? All I can say to that is WOW! And the Sew Hip Readers’ Gallery where is it and let me see it! I want to pick out your projects and let every one know I KNOW YOU! You’re so talented Heidi and I know you’re going to continue wowing us this year with your crafting and photography. Your horizon is filled with great things, that is clear.
    My very best wishes to you! I’ll see you in the comments box 😉
    Hugs, Michele

  6. Many, many congratulations on achieving your goal and making some fabulous, beautiful items. I particularly liked the quilts – simply gorgeous – you really have an eye for colour. I’ll continue to visit your blog and watch your progress next year! Kay x

  7. Excellent news that you’ve completed your challenge….you made some really fab items. Cant wait to see how you get on with your 2011 challenges!

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