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To celebrate the completion of my SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge…



I decided to make my little sewing machine a cozy.

A reward

for it's effort last year.



  Meadowsweet Fabric  


I thought about trying to knock one out without a pattern,

but I decided to use pattern from

Diane Rupp's

"Sew Everything Workshop"


Well kind of…



White Plastic Button



Diane writes such great patterns,

they are clear, conscise and very easy to follow;

if you pay attention.

I didn't.


I cut the handle opening into the wrong pattern piece.

So I had to discard the pattern and wing it

(after all).


Meadowsweet Sewing Machine Cozy


I am such a rookie!



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9 Comments on S.E.W: Sewing Machine Cozy….

  1. Thank you Alison…for the Stylish Blogger Award, all you need to do is carry on being you :-D…if you fancy it, you could share 7 things about you that your readers don’t already know.

  2. That is so cute! And I’m relieved that other people skip instructions too – that’s the sort of thing I’m always doing – but absolutely no-one will know from looking at the end result that it didn’t go quite to plan!

  3. What fun! Instructions are there for reference only…you can do whatever you like! (says she who has learned the hard way doing this…)

  4. oh! it’s so cute!!! 🙂 btw – you and i are in sync… i just bought that book last weekend! 🙂 i really want to make the tweed pedal pushers…

  5. Very sweet. You did very good for winging it. Perhaps my machine needs a bit of snuggy love too. I’m always blowing the dust off it, even though I use it every day.

  6. Oh now you have done it, you are making me feel very bad about my sewing machine(s). Great cover and and excellent job on winging it.

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