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 Check this out….


I have been nominated both by Josie (Flower Power) & Fiona (Handmade by Fiona)

for the Stylish Blogger Award


How cool is that?!

Thank you both so much, I feel truly honoured.





At the Oscar's winners are usually expected to make a speech (of sorts)… 

But at the Stylish Blogger Awards

no speech is required, instead recipients are asked to write 7 things that their readers do not know about them.


So here goes;


7 Things You Didn't Know (about me)


1. Things won

Apart from the Stylish Blogger Award, a butter dish when I was 6.

2. Tie Dye

I have "New Age" leanings.

3. Sweets & Treats

Mmmm….Salmiak Licorice.


4. Name

I have a double barrelled first & last name


5. Elbows & things

I have a Diploma in Zen Shiatsu (& some other stuff)


6. TV Heroes

Barney Stinson (How I met Your Mother)

Karen Walker (Will & Grace)

Alan Shore & Denny Crane (Boston Legal)


7. Micellaneous

 I have sailed across the Atlantic (twice) on a tanker.






In true Hollywood style

I would like to present the following people the Stylish Blogger Award.


(drum roll)


Michele Made Me

dots or stripes

Patchwork Palace


Petite & Sewing

Too Much Fun

Ase Knits 'n' Crochet


big B

Virginia Blue

Teacup Lane

Pontinhos Meus

One Flew Over

Clever Cheshire Cats

Jaida Louisa

& to all those blogs I have yet to discover.


Keep Blogging!


13 Comments on Stylish Blogger Award…

  1. Thank you Heidi! Did you do the Oscar thing and cry and blub!!! and will we be seeing tie and dye in your sewing this year? Well done and thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations on your award, you definitely deserve it! Thank you for nominating me too, I’m honoured. I have no idea what to do next though. Is there a website that gives you instructions?

  3. Congrats! I love your blog and this award is very “fitting” for you. Thanks for putting my blog in the award pot. I’ll try to think of 7 things to blog about me. We are going to be busy the next two days so I hope I don’t have a senior moment and forget.

  4. Thanks so much for nominating me, Heidi. I’ll have to ponder the 7 things about me… Is your Stylish Blogger image also supposed to be put on other recipient blogs, or did you make it yourself?

  5. Congratulations, well deserved award and love your blog and your attention to details. Thank you for the nomination, now to think of 7 things, why is this so hard.

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