Sewing Daisies Crochet: Sweet Meadow Rose


Crochet: Sweet Meadow Rose is something I made the other day…

I plan on

using it in another little project, the

SEW Hip!

Pretty Petals Bag.

Sewing Daisies Crochet: Sweet Meadow Rose

Once I add one of those brooch pin thingies,

I will be able to pop it on the bag.

when I make it….sometime soon



Sewing Daisies Crochet: Sweet Meadow Rose

Did I mention we are moving soon & I haven’t started packing yet?!

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10 Comments on Crochet: Sweet Meadow Rose

  1. This is so sweet! I posted some similiar crochet roses on my blog last week, come along and take a look if you have time!
    Best wishes from cold Germany

  2. Such a pretty little flower, love it. Now do you think you should start that packing yet or have you time for one more tiny project LOL!
    Have a good day

  3. @ all – glad you all like the rose as much as I do!
    I have finally started the packing…it’s not as enjoyable as imagining where I am going to put it in the new place.

  4. Where have I been that I’m just seeing your rose?! So lovely, of course. Best of luck with your move, my friend. xx Josie

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