Sewing Daisies - Kaffe Fassett fabrics  

Crowing: Kaffe ‘Fusion Blanket’ is my latest project…


I haven’t gotten far with it yet,

but enough to give you an idea of what it is.


It’s a


baby blanket.

Sewing Daisies - Kaffe Fassett fabrics


This blanket is inspired by a blanket I saw a few weeks back.

There is no pattern

so I am very much in the experimental phase.


Sewing Daisies - Kaffe Fassett fabrics


You are no doubt wondering what the title

Crowing: Kaffe ‘Fusion Blanket’

is all about?

It’s simple really… Crochet + Sewing = Crowing

(hey! I never said I was a rocket scientist)


Kaffe ‘Fusion Blanket’

relates to the gorgeous mix of Kaffe Fassett fabrics

that will be going into my crowing blanket.


Sewing Daisies - Kaffe Fassett fabrics



I have just said ‘crowing blanket’ out loud

…it’s not pretty.

Sewing Daisies - Kaffe Fassett fabrics

crowing present participle of crow (Verb)


1. (of a person) Make a sound expressing a feeling of happiness or triumph:
“Ruby crowed with delight”.

2. Say something in a tone of gloating satisfaction


with any luck there will be much to

crow about

when I am done!

(I will provide details when my Kaffe ‘Fusion blanket’ is finished).


 Tutorial: Kaffe ‘Fusion Blanket’


9 Comments on Crowing: Kaffe Fusion Blanket

  1. What a clever idea – I’d never thought of edge fabric with crochet like this. Lots of possibilities!! Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket!

  2. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Kaffe fabrics. I’m so loving your crowing project so far. Really, I’m very excited for you bec I suspect this is going to be one of the loveliest things you’ve done 🙂

  3. Thank you guys..I love Kaffe Fassett too, his quilts are amazing. I would love to make one of his design but I am far too lazy for that…I will simply have to make do with drooling over his books.

  4. I love your kaffe fabrics, now i want to go and get some and make something lovely! Why are there just not enough hours in the day!

  5. Love the “Crowing” blanket. What a great idea crocheting with sewing wow, I have to try this one & share your photos with my crochet fiends,I am sure they will love it as well. Great job!

  6. i saw this little delight on Pinterest and repinned. I think your sewing and crochet is ”Sewchet!” [so’k!]

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