Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Egg

Crowing – Eva’s Tulips are this Monday’s offering…



& more Tulips

 I love tulips…

  Eva's Tulips - crochet border


A few years back I bought a few

Eva Rosenstands

tulip kits.

At the time I had grand plans of knocking out some little placemats for Easter…

 I didn’t.


Eva's Tulips - Clover Tailors Awl


 Thanks to our recent house move, I


my little kits.

It turns out I had sewn one of the kits, but done nothing with the other three.


Eva's Tulips - crochet border

Well, I have 


 sewn another one.


Eva's Tulips (Clover tailor's awl)


AND not only that,

 I have actually made two placemats.

(Thanks to my recent purchase of a Tailor’s Awl).


Eva's Tulips


 No need for

blanket stitch

when you have a Tailor’s Awl.


 Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Eggs


‘Awl’ you have to do is

poke holes in your fabric

as you crochet.


  Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Eggs

So there you have it,

Eva’s Tulips

all ready for Easter.

(well two of them at least)

Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Eggs


So what do you think?

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9 Comments on Crowing: Eva’s Tulips…

  1. House moves are great for finding a few things you forgot you had!
    Beautiful place mats – are you going to do a few more?

  2. I think they are beautiful! Hope you are getting settled in at your new place. Moving has it pros and cons (too much work but fun finding things put away).

  3. Gorgeous 🙂 it makes me miss cross stitch too… but now I’m on a crochet whim and have tons of yarn laying around! Plus I need to move too–can’t find my box of cross stitch threads lol

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