Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket


My Kaffe ‘Fusion Blanket’ is finished!


It’s the ‘crowing’ project I began just after Christmas.


  Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket



it’s my very own creation

using Kaffe Fassett charms

and a mix of crochet & sewing



Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket


This lovely little blanket

is made up of 48 charms sewn together

back to back

with blanket stitch run around the edges at 1cm intervals.


Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket

 The crochet


proved to be a little trickier though,

On account of me making it up as I went along.


Not the best idea ever.


Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket



I persevered and now have a

spiffy lap blanket

that’s a perfect fit for a cot or pram.

 That’s right,

I am bringing ‘spiffy’ back into play!


Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket


So there you have it


The Kaffe ‘Fusion Blanket’


What do you think?


Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket



Tutorial: Kaffe ‘Fusion Blanket’



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  1. Wow! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! You may think my use of exclamation points is excessive but think again!!!!!!!!! I think you’re on to something here. Seriously, I may just have to try this (and give you full credit of course!)
    On another note, I don’t know how you manage to pull off the quantity of large pieces that you do. I suspect you have super-powers and/or perhaps require zero sleep. And if not, what’s your secret?

  2. Heidi, that is stunning! I loved the concept when you gave us a preview a while ago and it has turned out superbly! I think you’ll see a lot of these popping up in blogland!

  3. Oh it is lovely and I really like the little diamond spaces at the corners! Moved house and a lap blanket! Yes you must be super woman!

  4. I really LOVE your blanket! It’s a great combination of fabric and crochet. I might actually be quite inspired by it! Right now got lots of projects on the go so its one I’ll file away in my head for the future.
    Well done. Fiona x

  5. Just having a catch up with you, Heidi, and O-M-G, this is truly stunning, an original. I just knew this was going to be extraordinarily special. I’m totally in love with this and it’s going in my inspiration pile. Gorgeous, girlfriend 🙂 Josie

  6. Hey there Eileen, no hole punching involved, just good old needle & crochet thread for the blanket stitch.
    I have a tailors awl on it’s ay to me which should make things a little easier on the next project (I hope).

  7. This is one of the loveliest things I’ve seen in a long time. I would love to do something like this, but my sewing skills are seriously lacking. But what a wonderful heirloom blanket! Such perfect colors and so perfectly stitched!

  8. You are absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! I’ve played with this idea in my head but never did anything with it … BRAVO on persevering. =)

  9. It is SO beautiful, I have been meaning to learn crochet for ages, and this might just inspire me to get started, congratulations!

  10. Absolutely incredible! I’m echoing Sandy above – I would be so grateful if you could even share a rough sketch of how you did it. 😀

  11. Beautiful… This is a good idea for to spend little fabric tiles and wools, I love it, and I’ll share at my blog with your link…

  12. YOu can bring back the word spiffy if you’re talking about this blanket. Beautiful. I need a tutorial! Amazing.

  13. I came across your blog via pinterest and really love your crochet projects, they are very inpirational. I am definately going to have a go at this project. I won a full fat quarter set of the “Sweet Broderie” fabrics from the lovely Rosalie Quinlan last year and was waiting for the right project to use them and I think this is the one.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. By golly, you are AWESOME! My husband was diagnosed with cancer not long ago and I have been wanting to make something out of his old clothes for my children as a keepsake. Now I know what to make. THANK YOU.

  15. Hello, just found this gorgous blanket you made. On pinterest. Just wanted to know if the fabric squares are single or did you sew two together first? Would really like to know, thinking of trying it. Thanks for a reply. [email protected]

  16. Hey there Carol!
    All of the fabric squares were made before all of the crochet was added. I simply sewed two 5″ squares together (wrong sides), flipped the square right side out and topstitched. It’s then ready for the blanket stitch & crochet.

  17. This is such a clever idea, In all my years of Crafting (51) I have never seen anyone put sewing and crocheting together this way, what a great idea. This is really a very “Spiffy” lil blanket and you should be very proud! I think you’ve given lots of us Ole Gals something to think about!

  18. This is super cool! Great idea. I have been trying to figure out how to make a Dr. Seuss baby blanket and now all I have to do is find some Dr. Seuss material.

  19. As a crocheter and quilter, this really leapt out at me. Such an awesome idea, and I love the colours and how it all fits together. Just stunning!

  20. It’s so beautiful and what a clever idea. I’m a huge Kaffe fan, love all his books, even met him a couple of times! Your use of his fabric is fab!
    Peace, Judi

  21. This is gorgeous. I’m wondering how you treated the back of the fabric squares. How are they finished? It seems to me they would need some sort of backing.
    I’ve made many Kaffe Fassett quilts and I love, love all of his fabric. I always have scraps that I could use in this manner but what to do with the back of the fabric??

  22. I think it’s wonderful, amazingly beautiful.
    And so very inspiring!
    I really feel the need to try that to! Soon!
    Thank you!

  23. Hey there!
    re: square backing
    All of the squares are made up of two 5″ squares sewn together (wrong sides), which is then flipped right side out and topstitched.

  24. I’m a knitter, crocheter and a quilter but I’ve never seen two crafts combined so well. Good Job!

  25. That is really beautiful. What an excellent idea. I love the vintage looking fabric with the soft lemon border. You are very clever.

  26. What a great idea! I have a bunch of crocheted pieces, but ran out of steam before I finished the original project. I could see them put together with fabric pieces like this. Can’t wait to match up my crocheted pieces with fabric swatches.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. this is lovely. I just learned to crochet last year but I’m not much into sewing (yet!). would love a tutoial!! Happy New Year 🙂

  28. Why didn’t you put small squares of material in the corners too.. any way I loved the idea and will try to make one for our hosp. volunteers. lap rug size you said..Rusty in California..

  29. so pretty…not sure I would have persevered but it looks wonderful…and I LOVE Kaffe’s fabrics!

  30. I’m just so motivated to pick up the crochet hook and combine it with my newfound quilting fetish – I might have a go at a similar project myself, thanks for the article!

  31. Aaaahhhh! You’ve done it! Super! Phantastic! Wonderful! Awesome and pretty! I have been waiting to see what it will look like when finished and all I can say is “Congratulations”. Your work is perfect! Greetings from Germany

  32. This is lovely and of course it went straight onto Pinterst for the world (or my little band of followers) to see. A tutorial would be awesome! I can’t wait to try this out. I see it as christmas presents in the future.

  33. Happy New Year!
    Thank you all so much for your lovely words and mentions.
    @ Becky MaloufF – Thank you for posting my blanket up on Pinterest – one of my favourite place to be in the morning.
    @Deborah – (Sewcheting!) Brilliant I may have to use that in the future.

  34. Found you blanket surfing on blogs. I just love this idea!! How cool is this! I quilt, and make crochet blankets. Never combined them.

  35. nice way too USE up all scrap’s from Fabric too Yarn…………
    Lv it ty for sharing

  36. I love your Kaffe sewchet quilt. I have been toying with a similar idea for a while, but using some embroidered/embellished squares as well. Do you think the fabric squares could benefit from the addition of some batting? Although when I look more closely, your fabrics look heavier than what I was planning on using. Looking forward to having a go. Will be happy if mine’s even 1/2 as gorgeous as yours!

  37. Thank you for your great question Pins & Needles;
    Adding batting would be great for a lovely warm winter blanket. It might be a little fiddly to do with charm squares (5×5″) but definately worth it with larger ones.
    I can’t wait to see your blanket!
    p.s I used 100% cotton fabric & yarn for blanket which might account for the weighty look.

  38. So happy with this idea. I have had childrens fabric with squares of ducks, dolls ,, etc. I usually quilt around the center pieces then edge the blanket. This just looks so original. Did you ever get the tailors awl(sp)? Did it help? Love your site. I found you on pintrest. Need another project like a hole in the head. But can’t wait to start this. Thanks.

  39. Hey there Gretchen,
    Yes I did get myself an awl but it doesn’t work as well through seams as I had hoped. I plan on having another go with it soo, so fingers crossed.

  40. i am new at crocheting and would like a step by step direction for you kafle fasset crocheted blanket. Love, love the look of it but don’t know if a beginner could pull it off???

  41. Hey there Betty,
    I don’t think you will have a problem at all doing this balnket. You only need to know 4 crochet stitches and they are the easiest/commonest of the lot.
    I will send you an email with a link to the tutorial and some written instructions for the basic stitches.
    Have fun!

  42. Beautiful blanket. Do you have the pattern/tutorial on-line? I would love to have it if you do.
    Thanks, Sandra

  43. This is the most beautiful blanket. If there are instructions/ a tutorial available please let me know. I would absolutely love to try this.
    Thank you!

  44. Preciosa combinación de Patchycrochet como le dice mi amiga Ana Esther. Es una idea que me viene rondando la cabeza hace tiempo, de hecho tengo una colcha casi terminada en la que estoy combinando cuadros de log cabin con unos que me ha hecho mi madre en crochet.
    Viva la fusión.

  45. Oh this is gorgeous. I have so much fabric I love and want to try this technique with. Thanks for sharing.

  46. This is AMAZING!! you really should make a tutorial, I really LOVE this blanket!! Great job

  47. Love, love, love it!! No less than totally awesome. Directions would be soooo great.

  48. Oh My it is beautiful…going to give a try for my granddaughters.
    You do beautiful work.

  49. Would that be right sides together and turned after sewing or wrong sides together and turned after sewing?

  50. hey there Fay,
    The fabric squares should be right sides together before sewing. Sew around the edge leaving a little gap. Turn squares inside out so the right sides are exposed. Sew the little gap together and top stitch.

  51. What a great idea! I have tons of fat quarters that would look great with a crocheted border around them in a quilt. Very clever. Did you have any problem with fraying of the fabric? I would love the instructions for this. Thank you so much!

  52. Hey there Patricia Kraft;
    Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies & for your query. I haven’t experienced any fraying of the fabrics.
    I have sent you the link for the tutorial on email – enjoy!

  53. I love this, it’s so pretty. I may have missed the post, but is there a way to get or purchase instuctions? I would really love to try this. Thanks.

  54. VERY clever idea! I have crocheted for years but never dreamed of combining the work with fabric? I wonder if this would work with flannel? My granddaughter would be thrilled! PLEASE share instructions to my e-mail inbox. Thanks in advance.

  55. hey Janie,
    Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies. Crocheting with flannel should be a cinch. I don’t even think you will need to do the blanket stitch before hand. I small sharp crochet hook should be able to work through flannel easily.
    p.s I have sent you the link for the online tutorial. (I don’t have a PDF version).

  56. Thank you all or your lovely feedback. I hope you all enjoy the pattern and please don’t forget to send me a photo of your finished blanket!

  57. Would you mind sending the same to me?? Looked at the crochet chart and almost passed out! I’m a knitter at heart, but can usually tackle crochet, if it is in the written form. Lol!! This pattern is AMAZING, BTW….thanks so soooo much for sharing. I can’t believe I have a way to combine fabric and yarn now!! Yay rah!:)

  58. Gorgeous, I would like to adopt this idea…. I wonder where to place it on my project list?

  59. I would love to make one of these, but have never made a quilt or blanket before. I’m fairly new to sewing, and am even newer to crotcheting, but I am in love with this quilt and want one of my own!! Do you have a tutorial somewhere for this quilt? I think it’s one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen!

  60. This looks so fun and I would love to use some fleece squares in the blanket design but, I don’t know how to do crochet and I only know basic stitches. I am eager and still want to learn any suggestions? Thank you.

  61. Hey there Susan,
    Thank you for posting your question. The ‘Fusion Blanket’ is really easy to make as it only uses a few basic crochet stitches – the Single Crochet, Chain & Treble (I use US terms).
    The following link will help you out on those basic stitches (check out the How-To Manual) or alternatively there are loads of YouTube videos that teaches the stitches.
    cheers Heidi

  62. Thank You! Thank you! Thank you! I am a visual learner and though the basics are in Japanese I am able to understand the directions because there is a picture. Again thank you so much!

  63. I love it. I love combining different media, the feel must be awesome. Crowing, will definitely try and add to the list of crafts, let’s submit it to the dictionary people.

  64. Very cute!! I am going to make some except I am going to use fleece!!
    I have several scraps from making fleece blankets. I was planning to try something like this with the scraps, and after seeing your beautiful blanket, I have to make a few!!

  65. Hi, I love your blanket, however the tutorial link no longer works. Would it be possible for you to email the tutorial to me?

  66. I love this concept. Brilliant idea!!! The piece is beautiful and I’d like to try one. I absolutely love the idea of fusion, fantastic. Gotta try soon…after completing something. You did a great job!

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