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SEW Hip! Pretty Petals Bag (issue 25) is completed!




I bet you thought I had forgotten all about this SEW Hip! project.


Well you wouldn't to be too far off the mark.

 Moving messes with your sewing mojo, especially if you don't bother

unpacking your 'work' boxes until last.





I found the pattern, and got cracking with it on Friday.




Sandi Henderson - Meadow Sweet


As the Pretty Petals Bag isn't my first attempt at a SEW Hip Bag,

I thought I would make things interesting for myself by using velvet.




What a pain that proved to be!




From start to finish, this 'stuff' gave me the run around.

How on earth do you stop it moving about when you cut & sew it ?!!



what's with the constant fraying?

It might look & feel nice but it should have a warning label!





Bag Clasps





Velvet vagaries aside…



the SEW Hip! pattern is very easy to follow

but I am not sure if the measurements in the pattern are correct;

especially for the template provided.




The bag panel template provided by SEW Hip!

looks considerably smaller than the bag in the finished photo.



Velvet  Bag





Add 'craft fleece'

and the chances of adding double pleats & bag handles placed 8cm from the closure panel sides are greatly diminished.




If you want a bag that is.




Maybe the problem lies with my interpretation of 'craft fleece'.

I used what I had (Pellon Fusible Wadding) which is thick.




I should have used something much thinner.





  SEw Hip! Pretty Petal bag






instead of double pleats I used one set, and I placed the bag handles on by eye.




no real damage  

done in the end.







  Brooch Pin





To complete my SEW Hip! Pretty Petals Bag

I dug out the Sweet Meadow Rose I made a few weeks back.

I added a brooch pin & lace to finish the look.


Easy as!




Sewing Daisies Sweet Meadow Rose





 So here is my latest SEW Hip! addition!


what do you think ?




SEW Hip! Pretty Petal Bag



Bird (Small) (WinCE)

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17 Comments on SEW Hip! Pretty Petals bag…Completed!

  1. Just gorgeous – the rose is perfect with it! I too found a bag pattern from SH to be much smaller than it looked in the picture. Ah well, I appreciate not lugging around so much junk!

  2. Looks lovely! I really like your interesting print paired with the velvet and the neat mix of fabric textures.
    I emailed you earlier about my bag (green and pink one) with the pattern pieces not quite matching up. I didn’t have any problem with the fleece and too much thickness in my bag. I used something I had around for years in my stash, some kind of pellon fleece an I did try the basting spray for the first time. (loved how it kept it all in one nice piece, but hated the fumes— peeyuh!)
    Like you, I ended up with a project that did not look like the photo in the article, but still a very nice handbag. I really don’t mind the smaller opening as it makes the bag more secure against pick-pockets. I loved the magnetic closure, though I think it should have been placed further down than 8cm. Mine is almost even with the top of the bag. Though, I wonder if that was perhaps a printing mistake too?
    AS for garnish, there was an issue of Sew Hip! with a little girl in a white dress a while back. It has a darling little sewn flower ornament on the front of the dress and I think this would also be nice on the bag.

  3. I’d love to see a photo of yours too. I had the same issues that you and sewingdaisies did, but I was able to work with them.
    I agree, that a smaller handbag is best. Forces me to keep things under control on the inside. Mine is large enough for my wallet, keys, cell phone and a bit of this and that. I also made the little coin purse. Did you make that one?

  4. Hi Sandra – I didn’t make this bag – was another, much simpler bag from Issue 9 – see:[email protected].
    I just discovered the bag making accoutrements at Spotlight…so will have a go at this or one of the others that Sewing Dasies has so beautifully made, with the metal clasp insert.

  5. What a great bag! And the flower adds a special touch!
    I’ve avoided velvet so far, but had a similar experience with some satiny type material – frayed everywhere and slipped all over the place. Now I fuse interfacing onto difficult fabrics before I cut the pieces out – the interfacing helps to minimise all those problems!

  6. Ooh, I got a bad link, page not found message with your link. Can you try again?

  7. Very pretty! Glad I learnt about velvet before I attempted to use it in any project, although I do adore it! Anyway the end result is well worth the trouble.

  8. ooo I like the sound of the basting spray….
    I always pick it up when I go shopping but then put it back as it’s not an ‘essential’. I think I am going to have to bump it up on the list.
    re: magnetic snap
    I actually placed mine close to the closure panel & bag seam. The velvet was misbehaving so I thought having closer to the main fabric would stop it the velvet & snap from flopping about (which it did).
    The inside panel is still loose so if I made it again (with velvet) I will topstitch to make sure everything is secure.
    I have been checking out your bag again, the green & pink is simply stunning!

  9. Thanks. I actually ended up making a cute little embellishment last night on the fly with a few scraps of this and that in my sewing room.
    Then, this morning I had an email that my favorite local fabric and crafts shop (Ben Franklin, in Redmond, WA – USA) was having a free “make and take” demo of a fabric pin! It was done with a fabric yo-yo maker (Clover brand), a cute button, some glue and a jewelry brooch pin. So easy!
    Well, I took my bag with me specifically to pick out a fabric and button that I liked and made a really darling little embellishment for the bag and it was free! (Except that once they got me in the door of the shop, I had to poke around a bit and left many dollars later, laden with a full shopping bag! I’ll send you a photo soon of the updated bag.

  10. The bag turned out great in the end despite the velvet and craft fleece issues. The flower pin addition is very smart looking too and your pics are so lovely as usual, Heidi. Plus I enjoyed learning stuff in the comments!

  11. Isn’t that always the case, you go in for one tiny little things and come out with two huge bags full of goodies.
    I would love to see photos of your embellishment 🙂

  12. Fabulous Bag, so pretty
    I found you googling to see if anyone else had problems with the sizing…so glad to know it wasn’t just me and my inability to cut things out properly…

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