Craft Nations is trying something a little different…


After the unsuccessful investigation

into the history of crochet…


I have decided

to change the format a little, & I am going to 

 sleuth out

stores from different nations.


(unless that proves unsuccessful as well)


Vase-with-magnifying-glass (Medium)

This month we will be looking at


Stof & Stil Logo

a fabulous chain of fabric/haberdashery stores

in Denmark.

Stof & Stil


You are probably wondering why this would be

of interest to you,

especially if you don’t live in Denmark.

Stof & Stil Bolig 2011

Well, Stof & Stil regularily produce

 online catalogues

 chock full of lushiousness.

  Stof & Stil Bolig 2011

My favourite is their ‘Bolig’ catalogue;

full of lovely home decor ideas,

it’s always a feast for the eyes.

  Stof & Stil Bolig 2011

Stof & Stil

also showcase some great seasonal craft projects.

Now who doesn’t like a

great craft project

with a Scandinavian twist?

Stof & Stil Bolig 2011


I love their current 

Easter table arrangements

& hanging decorations.

To quote a friend of mine..

‘Go the Scando’s!!’

Stof & Stil Bolig 2011


There’s even something for the


out there!


Stof & Stil Bolig 2011


there you have it,

the new format Craft Nations.


Stof & Stil

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  1. Lovely shop!! I am from the UK and have just come back from a short break to Denmark just so I could visit Stof & Stil! 😀 I flew to Copenhagen then travelled to their Roskilde store. It is the greatest sewing shop I have ever been to and I just wish I lived nearer. If you do visit from outside Denmark, make sure you take cash to pay, as they only accept credit cards from Denmark (Denmark symbol on back).

  2. @Sally…I am sooooo jealous right now!! Right I off to see how much a ticket from Australis is, I need another holiday 😀
    Thank you for the feedback, have you got photos of your Stof & Stil stash?

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