Ethel Cushion - flowers


The Ethel Cushion is a work in progress…


Autumn 'down under' is in full swing & so is the urge to crochet.



To start the season off,

I have chosen to crochet the gorgeous

Ethel Cushion 

by Sarah London


 (I made the flowers last night)

Ethel Cushion - flowers





If you have never seen Sarah's work before,

I recommend

you have a little nosy.


If you have already seen her work, have to been to her pattern page?


There are loads of

gorgeous patterns

to chose from and they are cheap as chips.


Check it out!



Sewing Daisies Bird

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3 Comments on Crochet: Work in Progess… Ethel.

  1. I love Sarah London… She crochets like an angel (do angels crochet?)… Your flowers are beautiful! I await the finished cushion…

  2. I was very tempted to buy that pattern, but plumped for some of Sarah’s other patterns instead. I really like them – so easy to follow. Can’t wait to see how your cushion turns out.

  3. Yes, the Ethel cushion is lovely. I know your’s will be just as if not more, because you always put your Heidi stamp on things. Looking forward to seeing it! I think Sarah London has a deal on patterns going on…gotta get me some 🙂

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