Crochet Lavender Lace Scarf


Crochet: Lavender Lace Crochet is finished &

 is the first of many scarves…




I hope to make this  

Autumn & Winter.




 (here's praying for cooler weather)


  Crochet Lavender Lace Scarf





This particular  


I have made, is from one of my Japanese books.





  Crochet Lavender Lace Scarf






Yeah I know,

I should try to broaden my horizons, but


crochet patterns are sooo good.





  Crochet Lavender Lace Scarf







this particular pattern was

very easy.





  Crochet Lavender Lace Scarf






It's just a simple  

grid design

jazzed up with lace.




 (it really doesn't get easier than this)


  Crochet Lavender Lace Scarf






So there you have it, a

Lavender Lace Scarf

ready to go.





  Crochet Lavender Lace Scarf





Bird (Small) (WinCE)


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6 Comments on Crochet: Lavender Lace Scarf

  1. That is so pretty! How easy are the japanese crochet instructions to follow? I’ve never quite dared to order a japanese crochet book as I’m not sure what I’d get and whether I’d be able to follow it!
    After a really hard, cold winter I can’t wait for summer!!

  2. Thank you….I personally find Japanese crochet instuctions easier as I am rubbish at following written instructions.
    If you haven’t used crochet symbols before I can email you some instructions I have that cover the basic stitches?
    Just let me know!

  3. Lavender loveliness… sigh… Hey I like this combination of crochet and lace. They really complement each other quite well, don’t they?
    Oh Heidi, you’re such a talent!

  4. I can see the inspiration here, this is gorgeous. Look forward to your version 🙂 xJosie
    P.S. Speaking of inspiration, your Flickr fest embroidery selections were lovely. One day…

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