Crochet Easter Eggs



 Easter Eggs: How do you make yours?




Is my attempt to keep the promise I made to myself


last month…

last year…

& the year before that.




 And that is to make my own Easter eggs

(in time for Easter).




Crochet Easter Eggs





Thanks to another bout of insomnia,

I have actually managed to keep that promise

(in part).



 As you can see from my early morning scribblings,

I decided to make my own 'Egg' motif.




Crochet Easter Eggs





Inspite of my awful scribblings, it turns out

I wasn't too far off with my reckonings.



My motifs only needed a

teeny tweak

when I finally got round to trying them out.





 Crochet Easter Eggs





I guess working from Edie Eckman's


'Beyond the Square'

for the past year,

has improved more than my crocheting skills.




  Crochet Easter Eggs



Shame I got bored

 after making the fourth egg….



I wonder how else I can make Easter Eggs?



6 Comments on Easter Eggs: How do you make yours? Divine Twine

  1. so cute!!! you could go 3-D now. i’ve made little balls before and they are super-easy. you’d just have to extend them, no?

  2. Hey there Gigi!
    Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies, and checking out my Easter eggs.
    In answer to your question, I used DIVINE TWINE (I love all of the wonderful colours it comes in).

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