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Sewing: Kimono Baby Shoes

 Is my latest attempt at making baby shoes.




I rather like

Lena's pattern,

It's easy to follow, and the end result is cute.


(even if I say so myself)



  Sewing Daisies: Kimono Baby Shoes




 I might have issues

with sewing around tight corners, and

baby shoes

have some seriously teeny tight





Sewing Daisies: Kimono Baby Shoes





But I think with practice, I might be able to produce


Kimono baby shoes.


(well, that's the theory anyway)




  Sewing Daisies: Kimono Baby Shoes





If you fancy

having a go at making these guys,

  Lena's Kimono pattern

is available from 




(along with a whole bunch of other cute patterns).



Sewing Daisies: Kimono Baby Shoes




 Anyhoo, there you have it…


My Water Bouquet Kimono shoes.


What do you think?



Bird (Small) (WinCE)


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  1. I think they look fantastic I would say you are already producing quality baby shoes.

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