Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft

Crochet: Winter Warmth Shawl is my latest crochet project…




it's made out of 'faux' mohair.



I know, I know…

why would I want to make anything out 'faux'???






 Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft






Apart from the cheaper

price tag,

the faux is a lot stronger than real mohair

so it's resistant to my man hands.



oh, and I really liked the colour.




 Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft






This particular 'faux' mohair

is by Lincraft, and is called Winter Warmth.

It's 100% Acrylic Mohair.







 Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft






The shawl pattern I used is Japanese,

& is very easy to make

even with all the fluff…and my man hands.







 Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft






Side note

For those of you new to Sewing Daisies, I only crochet from

Japanese books.



That's because;


a) Japanese crochet books & patterns are beautiful

b) I can only crochet from pictograms








 Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft






oh, and I have no idea

what crochet stitches are officially called.



 (true again!)





Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft






So if you have ever thought that

crochet was for 'experts' think again,

if I can crochet, anyone can!



(really, you can)




 Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft






 Anyway, if you have a free weekend and

don't fancy moving off the couch.




Why not make yourself a lovely shawl?!




I did,

but I will be wearing mine as a scarf. 





Winter Warmth Shawl - Lincraft

 What do you think?






Bird (Small) (WinCE)


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6 Comments on Crochet: Winter Warmth Shawl…

  1. OK so those diagram patterns are called pictograms… like that… I’m visual so they suit me fine too…
    Which Japanese book did you get it from? & where do you get your books from, please.
    I left a message on your flickr acc… I just adore this scarf/shawl…

  2. I think it is lovely! It looks as if it will live up to the label – warm and cosy. I’m making a half granny with the Noro yarn. Just loving the colours! Happy hooking!

  3. Okay, you’re still Crochet Goddess to me! No crochet terms necessary to produce the beautiful stuff you make, just those brilliant Japanese diagrams (that intimidate me so…sigh). The shawl is yummy in faux fiber 🙂

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