Sweet Nothings - Crochet


Crowing: Sweet Nothings Napkins…




 No it's not Valentine's Day again,

it's treat myself to cute little choccies day.






I dare you not to want one of these delights.

Go on, I know you want one…





Flamingo Surprise & Friend






offered up on a lovely chintzy napkin.




 Sweet Nothings - Crochet Napkin





That's right,

I have been experimenting with 'crowing' again.



Crowing = crochet + sewing




Not a new concept, but one that I feel needs a good airing.



 Flamingo Surprise





Using the same method as the


Cafe Brun Coasters & Kaffe Fusion Blanket,

these 'sweet nothings' took no time to make.



(tutorial to follow)




 Sweet Nothings - Crochet Napkin




 Which is just as well, as I sewn together loads of napkins

& matching coasters

in preparation for more crowing.




 Sweet Nothings - Crochet Napkin







all I need to do is find some time to finish them off

and write a tutorial…






Sweet Nothings - Crochet Napkin







(what do you think?)



Bird (Small) (WinCE)


Cafe Brun Coasters

Kaffe Fusion Blanket

11 Comments on Crowing: Sweet Nothings Napkins…

  1. Gorgeous. Did my first lot of crochet with beading last Saturday, looks great but my technique needs a lot of fine tuning.

  2. I’m sitting here eating breakfast and wanting chocolate now! The napkins are very sweet – can’t wait for that tutorial.

  3. Your napkins are just lovely! But I think the little sweets on them look quite appetizing too lol
    Gorgeous job 🙂

  4. ooo I was looking at a book the other day about crocheting with beads, but I am not sure I have the patience for it.
    I look forward to seeing your work!

  5. I think they are the most delightful napkins ever. I’ve put crowing on my list of things to try! ♥

  6. what do I think you ask? They are simply perfect and the most prettiest I have ever seen. And so neatly done! And I would loooooove a tuttorial! Grettings from Germany!

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