Flickr-fest-best 1 (Medium)



Flickr Fest Best has gone crochet cushion crazy…



After my dalliance with the

Ethel Cushion

I have been keen to make another one.


I just need to decide on the

style & colour.


 Any ideas?



Crochet Cushion

Flickr Fest Best: Posy!




Cushion cover

Flickr Fest Best: One Flew Over…


  Coussin Vintage

Flickr Fest Best: couleurs bonbons




Cushion in little squares

Flickr Fest Best: pontinhos meus



coussin fleur

Flickr Fest Best: valérie corner




Want more?




  Crochet Cushions

Flickr Fest Best: Granstrunk


  Coussin Sunburts #2

Flickr Fest Best: souvenirscousus



  Christmas Cushion

Flickr Fest Best: bunny mummy



a cushion of roses

Flickr Fest Best: hi, it's helen



Flowers framed in blue

Flickr Fest Best: Colour-Heaven





Flickr Fest Best: colorful senses




 I love crochet!


2 Comments on Flickr Fest Best…Crochet Cushions

  1. I’ve had a delightful catch up with you, topped off by your lovely Flickr choices. Thanks, Heidi, now I’ll be obsessing for who knows how long about Valerie’s pink flower cushion…sigh.

  2. Isn’t Valerie’s cushion glorious; I wonder how long it took to crochet…might pop that one on my ever growing list of things to try 😀
    Great catch up Josie!

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