SEW Hip Mishiko Knitting Bag handles


The SEW Hip! Mishiko Knitting Bag (issue 27) has finally been completed.


In case you had fogotten what the

SEW Hip Mishiko Knitting bag

is all about…

this is it.


SEW Hip Mishiko Knitting Bag


It looks easy to make, was it?   


Yes it was.


The instructions make sense,

the measurement work & the construction of the bag

is very easy.



  SEW Hip Mishiko Knitting Bag  - sewing pin


So easy in fact,

you have nothing to say about this project?





  Lilac Thread



ah yes, 

I used large wooden knitting needles

as bag handles.

(ingenious eh?)


  SEW Hip Mishiko Knitting Bag handles


Anything else?

oh okay,

 I forgot that my lining fabric wasn’t made of cotton

& burnt it with the iron. 


I also snapped my needle trying to sew through a section of

caramelised fabric.



 Beaker (Medium)


Did you

feel like a muppet afterwards?




Lace & Crochet Thread


Do you

plan on embellishing the bag?

I am thinking about it…

(or am I?)


  SEW Hip Mishiko Knitting Bag handles




Would you recommend this project to beginners?



(and to anyone else in need of a knitting bag)

SEW Hip Mishiko Knitting Bag


Would you make it again?


Probably not, I can’t knit.

(Nanu, Nanu!)


11 Comments on SEW Hip! Mishiko Knitting Bag…completed!

  1. what you need are really long crochet needles and switch out the knitting needles then it becomes a crochet bag… see what i’m saying? your bag is very lovely, btw.

  2. That’s lovely and I’m sure it will work just as well for your crochet projects! I’d make one, but I think Andy will try to reason that as I already have at least 3 bags / baskets that I use for knitting and/or crochet projects, I surely don’t need another one!

  3. That would be great, but can we trust D and M to remember to do this when it looks like there will be white stuff on the ground 🙂

  4. You managed to get through those little mishaps and produce yet another perfect project. Love those knitting needles 🙂

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