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Flickr Fest Best is going back to school…




Okay, so I am not actually going back to school, but I thought we should look at

wonderful art of Lino Printing.



You remember, those weird little blocks

that your art teacher encouraged you all to express yourselves on,

but promptly removed when he realised his new budding artists/thugs were

carving into everything but the blocks?




No? It must just have been my class then.



Anyway, some people are actually good at Lino printing.

 Check this lot out.




  Lino Printing
Flickr Fest Best: Craig Goode Design





  Zinnia Lino Print
Flickr Fest Best: funnelcloud rachel






Lino printing, Albion Press

Flickr Fest Best: Tom Jennings





  Tulip Lino Print

Flickr Fest Best: i am inspired





  Dangerous art: Lino printing
Flickr Fest Best: a-juice





  Toy Lino prints
Flickr Fest Best: Sarok87





  Lino prints CU
Flickr Fest Best: Jewels by Renee





  Forest girl 6
Flickr Fest Best: Mimi K



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  1. Wow so much gorgeousness! I like seeing the actual lino blocks. They are works of art in themselves. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a whole collection of those blocks?

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