Sewing Daisies Mid year Review

Sewing Daisies: Mid Year Review… 




I did it!




I went 

for a whole week without posting on Sewing Daisies.

Not a single word, or photo was uploaded for a

full seven days.





Cool bananas right?


Cool Bananas!



Okay maybe not…

but given I have been uploading an average of

16 posts per month

for the past year,




and then


nothing for a whole week is surely be a little noteworthy,

isn't it?





Green Umbrella


So what have I been doing with all this free time?



Well, nothing much.


I didn't get any new postcards,

I didn't play with crocodiles &

I didn't coo over 120 birdcages symbolically placed up in

Angel Place.


Honestly, I don't know what I did, but I feel good about it.





Bird cage Mobile (Medium)








To try and maintain this good feeling a little longer,

I have reviewed my crafting efforts for this year.


I enjoy a good recap.






Crochet: Valentine Hearts




This is what I have done so far;




Terracotta Triad

Salmon Shawl

Sweet Meadow Rose

Valetine Kisses

Ethel Cushion

Easter Eggs: With Love

Easter Eggs: Divine Twine

Lavender Lace Scarf

Dragon Shawl

The Bold & Beautiful Coasters



loads of  'Beyond the Square' Motifs





Kaffe Fusion Blanket





(crochet & sewing)


Kaffe Fusion Blanket

Cafe Brun Coasters

Sweet Nothings Napkins

(tutorials yet to come)







Kimono Baby Shoes






S.E.W Sewing Machine Cozy

SEW Hip! Pretty Petals Bag

SEW Hip! Mishiko Knitting Bag

SEW Hip! French General Baby Shoes

SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt Block 1

Kimono Baby Shoes







Easter: Fabric Tastic Eggs





Other (projects)

Paper Bumph (Danish Christmas Stars)

Easter Eggs – Fabric Tastic






Heart-Umbrella (Medium)






That's is a lot more than I thought.


I guess I can carry on with my breather & not feel too bad about the fact

I haven't tried Tunisian crochet yet.



See you next week!!!



4 Comments on Sewing Daisies: Mid Year Review 2011

  1. Heidi, you’re making me feel very lazy!! I’ve hardly made a dent in my To Make list for this year – I can blame moving for some of it. I’ve got some birthdays looming and nothing made, but my Dad is coming to stay, so I don’t hold out much hope of getting anything done on time.

  2. you’re amazing amazing! look at all you’ve done. WOW! a recap is a genius idea. I may have to consider doing something like that one day… is that you with the banana? if it is: what a great pic; you’re beautiful!

  3. …you really can’t beat a good recap, they help keep me motivated 😀
    @Michele – I wish that was me all young & fresh looking again.
    @Fiona – You have done tonnes of work this year AND moved across the globe, that deserves a huge pat on the back!

  4. You have been very productive and I’ve still not touched the knitting bag pattern. Hope to get some handles at the Craft Show in a few weeks time. Glad you had a good break.

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