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I have just worked out that since the 1st Jan 2010,

I have posted (on Sewing Daisies)

284 times.



 That's an average of 16(ish) posts per month!



To celebrate

I am taking a week off

 from blogland.



  This will be hard for me to do, but I have got a few distractions lined up;



PRB ArtCafe Press



 1. Art Gallery of NSW

Here I propose to wander around pretending to have deep & meaningful thoughts about art, when in fact I will be planning the quickest route to the gift shop.



  Who doesn't like

buying loads of postcards 

you don't need?



 (and fridge magnets!)



 Crocodile Soft Toy




2. Australian Museum

Here I plan to avoid the creepy crawly section, click all the display buttons I find (but not look at them) and then head over to the educational section to kick small children off the interactive touch-screens.




Come on!

A giant crocodile leaps out

of one them.




(why should kids have all the fun)



  Bird cage Mobile (Medium)



3. Angel Place

Here I will hopefully be looking at up 120 floating birdcages. They were placed up to


" float above the laneway, echoing the sounds of birds that lived in the Tank Stream area before the City's growth forced them to the outer fringes of surbubia and towards extinction"



 Birdcages floating in the heart of Sydney CBD?

Sounds good to me!



(unless it rains)


Taking a break clock


So here's to taking a breather;

I will see you Friday 10th June with

Flickr Fest Best: Yellow.



Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Enjoy your week, fingers crossed the rain stays away. Off to see Vivid tonight as long as it doesn’t rain 🙂

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