Cross Stitch - Pin Cushion Squared

  Cross Stitch – Pin Cushion Squared




It was pointed out to me

recently that for someone who likes things



 'to be in their right place'


 I am a little lax

when it comes to my project equipment.






 Cross Stitch - Pin Cushion Squared






My official work room

is fine, everything in there is where it should be,

but it's my 'other' work room

(the sofa)

that is a concern.




Especially now we have a four legged furry guest staying

who loves the sofa as much as I do.





 (ah yes, the pooch)




Cross Stitch - Pin Cushion Squared







So how do you stop



pins & needles being stuck into the upholstery

thread ends covering cushions &

scissors from poking up through nooks & crannies



of the sofa?





 Picture 7000 (Medium)






That's easy…


You go shopping for an organiser & make a pin cushion.



It's brilliant.


I don't know why I didn't think of it before.








Cross Stitch - Pin Cushion Squared

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  1. I agree pooches and pins don’t mix well!! I just don’t let mine on the sofa (pooch, that is)!!!
    Great pin cushion.

  2. How cute, here at the office we have puppy days, my border collie and a mini jet black Schnauzer, a lot of fun and an exchausted border collie at the end of the day 😀

  3. I so need one of these! It’s the sweetest pin cushion. Maybe you’ll sneak in a photo of your pooch sometime 🙂

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