dairing yarn

dairing at the Craft & Quilt Fair  


The Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair is always a joy to visit.

Apart from all of the amazing quilts on display,

the fair is full of stalls, and you know what that means


 (yes, yes)


dairing yarn


Sounds expensive!


It was, the first year I went,

but I have since learnt that to make the most of the fair

(& not to break the bank),

you need to go twice

(with a day’s break in between).

That way you only come away with what you actually need.


 (smart eh?)


  dairing yarn


This time around

I decided to spend my moola on;

yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills, a lino block from Louise Snook, and some 

lushiousness from dairing.




dairing yarn


So what makes dairing so special?


They have baby camel yarn!



They are incredibly passionate about their products,

they let you snuggle up to their yarns


they have baby camel!

So I bought some lovely linen & cotton slub.

(yes, yes)


  dairing yarn


Isn’t slub a great word?!


I have no idea

what I will make with my slub,

but that doesn’t matter, the purple & mustard combo

looks great in my yarn basket.

You can’t beat yarny goodness!



  dairing yarn


 dairing goodness can be found here



6 Comments on dairing at the Craft & Quilt Fair

  1. I loved the Dairing stand too…came home and ordered online -some balls of giant wool slub (not slug!) in hot pink and bright orange as well as some woollen tubing to make a bead necklace (like they had on display). It arrived super fast, with a little present of some linen/cotton slub like you have, in a gorgeous raspberry colour. Very impressed with their gorgeous products AND customer service, especially with little presents!!

  2. Isn’t their stuff wonderful?!
    It’s great to hear that they are just as impressive online, I may have to order some hot pink goodness too.

  3. OOOoooooo Purple and mustard looks a great combination and a linen mix which I’ve not heard of. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with it.

  4. ‘Slub’ is a great word! I’m drooling over your stash. Also great that you’ve taken on a new challenge with the printing. Ooohhh, what’s the gal going to do with all this crafty goodness…can’t wait to see 🙂 xJosie

  5. re: printing
    It’s always something I have wanted to try, but the chicken in me has always found excuses not too until I met Louise Snook.
    I might try basic stencilling first before carving into my lino block, I don’t want a repeat of mu school efforts 🙂

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