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Flickr Fest Best: Scandinavian Design

 In case you missed the clues in some of my other posts, I have Viking in me.




Which means what?

(I hear you say)




 Good question. What does it mean to be Viking?




it's simple really,

 we all have a keen eye for loot, and can assemble

Ikea furniture blindfolded.

(yes, yes)




Check this loot out!




  Stig Egg Cup

Flickr Fest Best: little eyecatchers




Flamingo orchid vases

   Flickr Fest Best: twenty 21






  Porsgrund of Norway   

Flickr Fest Best: Hopelevich Hopelitchka




Holmegaard Viking Glass carafe

Flickr Fest Best: art-of-glass






  Bay Keramik Jug

Flickr Fest Best: super ninon



Large Limndshammer cased glass vase

Flickr Fest Best: art-of-glass



 Now that's great design for you.

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  1. Same here 🙂 My mum is part Norwegian. She found a beautiful catherine holm piece of enamelware at a Jumble sale as she liked the design. She had no idea it was worth money until I looked it up for her.

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