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Flickr Fest Best: Sweet Tooth




 I don't believe

people who say they don't like sweets.



What is not to like?!



 Look at all the colours, shapes & sizes

they come in.




  Candy, candy, Candy Canes
  Flickr Fest Best: PaPeR.CLIP




Candy Flower
Flickr Fest Best: m0nni




Candy Striper
Flickr Fest Best: stOOpidgErl





candy corn...

Flickr Fest Best: will nickelson





  Gummi Bears
Flickr Fest Best: KLout Photo




The Pooch
Sewing Daisies – The Pooch





Flickr Fest Best: Petr Vlk




Anyone for a Pooch?…



(pooch photo requested by Josie)

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  1. 2 of my favorite things covered here…sweets, which I must have at least once a day…and of course, the Pooch! Really, how can you possibly give him back 🙂 That face WITH the hat… well he’s just too cute for words. Thanks for sharing! xJosie

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