Pink & Yellow Leaves - Printing


Paper Art: Pink & Yellow Leaves




Being short of blog posts this week,

I decided to "suck it up, step up to the plate", and have a go at

lino block printing.


(Thanks Graham Norton for the motivational quip)




I mean, how hard can it be?

Pre-schoolers do it all the time!

 (I think)




  Permaset Aqua





To set things in motion, I pulled out

my supplies;



 Textile Ink


(cotton tea towel)

and a carved lino block.



 (that's pretty much it)




  Lino Block & Lino Roller






Textile Ink?


I know, how posh does that sound.

 In her workshop (Craft & Quilt show), Louise Snook used

Permaset Aqua textile ink.



It's the same brand I received in my starter kit,

so that is what I used.



(I like to keep things simple)





Permaset Aqua in Rose





I would love to offer you

more info on textile inks, Permaset Aqua in particular,

but I am clueless about these things.






I don't know much about

applying ink either…apparently.




(surprise surprise)




Lino Block & Lino Roller





As you all know by now,

my logic runs in a very straight line…



If you wish to

print with a lino block,  you use a lino roller.

(They are sold alongside lino blocks after all).



Simple right?









Permaset Aqua Ink  on Lino Block







It might be called a Lino Roller,

but it really shouldn't be.




There was no rolling;

My 'roller' prefers the push & shove technique,

and a bullish one at that.



This roller is no Ferdinand!




(mind with only leaves on offer…)




Printing - Pink Leaves






After a

few failed attempts

at even coverage (ink), I switched to my

sponge applicator.




 No, not from my make -up bag ,

the one I bought from the art shop.






(not just a pretty face me)




  Permaset Aqua Ink & Sponge Applicator






Well, that proved 

to be equally AGGRH!


Every ink application resulted in a blotchy

pre-school mess.



Which was NOT my intention at all.







Permaset Aqua Ink in Rose & White






At some

point during my pink phase,


I decided Mustard Yellow leaves would add

some much needed



'je ne sais quoi'


 to my tea towel.




(yes, yes)




Permaset Aqua Ink in Mid Yellow & Black






Did you know

that if you add a little black to yellow

you get Khaki?



I didn't.



No Mustard Yellow meant that

I opted to use the mid-yellow ink

straight from the pot.









  Printing - Pink & Yellow Leaves & Bobbin






The Khaki

wasn't a complete waste (of ink) though.



 I used a little bit

when I made an impromptu bobbin stamp.

Monkey- Genius or what?



 Go on, you can admit you like that idea,

I won't tell.



(not anyone you know anyway)





  Printing - Pink & Yellow Leaves







So what I have I learnt?




Block printing is NOT as easy as it looks.

I need to learn about colour mixing.

I prefer screen printing (at this stage).





(true again)





Printing - Pink & Yellow Leaves


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  1. I block print using lino and permaset and have found a roler is useless, after much trial and error I found a simple sponge roller (the type you buy in a DIY store for applying gloss paint)worked brilliantly…..

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