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Paper Art: Printing Leaves



Earlier this week,


I showcased my first attempt at 'drawing'.

I made a stencil in preparation for the arrival of my

screen printing frame.




I completely forgot

that I had a small Lino block to play with.



So I got it out.



  Lino Print Block - Leaf

Lino Print Block - Leaf

Lino Print Block - Leaf







Tricky things, lino blocks.


They are actually quite tough, even after time on

the radiator.






there is definately a

technique to cutting lino.

Something you only discover towards

the end of carving.








Lino Print Block - Leaf







Other things

you discover on the way

is that;




1) You need to put something non-slip under your block when carving

(I used my yoga mat).


2) Lino cutters are sharp (& painful), even the cheap ones!


 3) Successful carving is down to attitude i.e.


a relaxed mind = slow smooth cuts

angsty mind = cut fingers & a remodelled

dining room table.







Picture 7327 (Medium)

Lino Print Block - Leaf

Lino Print Block - Leaf







 With any luck,


my screen printing frame will arrive soon,

then I will be able to try out my Lino block & stencil

in one go!



 (yes, yes)




Lino Print Block - Leaf


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  1. Keep an iron near by and put a piece of paper over the block and iron, softens it nicely and you can go back to it easily. Love the leaf!!

  2. Oo, good idea about the iron… It’s been so many years (like at least 25+) since I’ve tried lino block printing. I seem to remember stuggling with the carving… and the sore fingers, yep I remember them too, owy!

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