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SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt – Skeleton Leaf


As you know, my self imposed

SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt challenge

is NOT to buy any new fabrics or products

for the quilt blocks.

This means that I have be creative

when SEW Hip! throws curve balls like

Aquasol at you.

SEW Hip! Skeleton Leaf Block

What is Aquasol?


Well, according to Google it is;

a) a water/waste treatment company

b) a fertilizer

c) a vitamin


SEW Hip! Skeleton Leaf Block

Of course,

if you type in Aquasol water-soluble fabric;

You will in fact discover that,

Aquasol is a fabric that dissolves leaving

only your embroidered stitches behind.

Nifty eh?




my challenge stands,

so I had to think of something else to make

for this block.

SEW Hip! Skeleton Leaf Block


How did that go?



I tried to embroider a leaf but I got the colours

all wrong.



SEW Hip! Skeleton Leaf Block


So…you haven’t made any leaves?

I have.

I crocheted some, and glued them onto

the SEW Hip! Quilt block.



  SEW Hip! Skeleton Leaf Block


You sound annoyed with yourself?


I am a little,

I really want to stick to my ‘use what I’ve got’ challenge,

but I also want a fabulous quilt.


SEW Hip! Skeleton Leaf Block


So there you have it,


my last minute SEW Hip! Skeleton Leaf quilt block.




4 Comments on SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt…Skeleton Leaf

  1. I would have been stumped by the aquasol reference too, Heidi! I like your inventiveness and addint crochet to your quilt is very ‘you’!!

  2. I’m still going “wha?” over the Aquasol product…interesting. Your crochet leaves look great on the quilt blocks! xJosie

  3. Hi – Love the crocheted leaves – do you have a pattern for them or an approximation? I think I can figure it out if you don’t. Very creative…I thank you!

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