Crochet Scarf - Colman's English Mustard


  Crochet: Colman’s & Nachos


You can stop  

licking your chops, this isn’t the

start of a new culinary post.

It’s what I am calling my new ‘work in progress’


(yes, I already have a few other ones on the go!)



Crochet Scarf - Colman's English Mustard


Is it wise to have so many WIP projects?

Probably not, but it seems to be

‘par for the course’ this year.

 (anyone else on my green?)


Crochet Scarf - Colman's English Mustard

Everything &

nothing is of interest to me,

making it really hard to knuckle down

and finish things.


 Crochet Scarf - Colman's English Mustard

Anyway, back to my latest WIP projects;

The Colman’s (English Mustard)

& the Nachos

(yes yes)

Crochet Scarf - Colman's English Mustard

The what?!

The Colman’s is going to be a scarf.

I did say last week

I had a hankering for mustard yellow.

(sigh)…now I want a hot dog.

(with mustard)

 Beyond the Square - Nachos

….and the other project?

Well, I haven’t got that far in my thinking.

I have mentioned struggling to knuckle things down,

haven’t I?

(does hot dog count as brain food?)

 Beyond the Square - Nachos

 Why Nachos?

That’s easy, when I took photos of my little  

Beyond the Square (Motif 113) grannies

they looked like a plate of Nachos.

 (Hmm…Hot dog or nachos?)

 Beyond the Square - Nachos

So… you are just winging it?

Pretty much.

 Right I am off to the kitchen, I am really hungry!!


(Mmmm melted cheese)


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  1. Lovely looking WIP’s…I encounter the same problem but am trying really hard to finish off a knitted cardi before starting anything else!
    Tempting though it may be 😉

  2. (@ Kate) I don’t know what’s up with me at the moment, I wonder if this is how writer’s get them they have blocks?
    (@Richard) I do get bored very easily…
    (@Alison) Argggh! I had forgotten about the leaves quilt. PS Congrats on the new sewing machine.

  3. It doesn’t take much for me to think of food. This post just about sent me over the edge…mustard…nachos…hot dogs. Thanks a lot, Heidi. Exquisite crochet in progress as usual 🙂

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