Crochet: Nacho Cushion



Crochet: Nacho Cushion







 The creative wall

that was blocking my view is now

a pile of rubble.



To celebrate this little mental feat,

I finished my Nacho project.







  Crochet: Nacho Cushion







I toyed with the idea of making little   

lavender sachets, but my nacho grannies

cried out for something more.



 So what better way to show off grannies

than to make a lovely cushion?

(en effet!)







  Crochet: Nacho Cushion






Granny square cushions, are they easy to make?



Very easy,

all you have to do is join your grannies together,

et voilà!

you have a front cushion cover.






 Picture 7590 (Medium)








and how exactly do you join the grannies together?


Well, there are a number of ways

to join granny squares together, but I prefer to crochet them.

It's rapide and neat.





 Crochet: Nacho Cushion








but how EXACTLY do you do that?


 Ahh you want a HOW TO join the squares. Okay…



1) Decide the layout of your cushion cover, then

2) Grab two squares & place them right sides together,    

3) Matching your edges up as precisely as possible 

4) Single crochet (SC) through the OUTER loops all along the edges.



Crochet your  pairs first, and the rest will fall in place.

It's really as simple as that.






Crochet: Nacho Cushion







What you will end up with is a

raised line of stitching

(between the edges) on the inside of the cushion cover,

and a lovely flat seam on the outer side.

(très joli)




Of course, if you fancy the

raised seam on the front side of your cushion

you crochet the edges with the WRONG sides facing.

(Easy non?)





  Picture 7916 (Medium)






Now, if you aren't using a pattern (like moi)

then you might find that your newly joined grannies 

make for a very small cushion cover.



Don't panic,

all you need to do is add a border.





Crochet: Nacho Cushion







For my border,

I chose the single crochet stitch (again).

Well, until I realised I wasn't getting very far, fast.

(the SC stitch is not very tall)


To move things along,

I changed to a Double Crochet stitch (DC)

& used a very basic net pattern. 


 Before I could finish shouting C'est formidable!

    I had a front cushion cover .

(oui, oui)





 Crochet: Nacho Cushion





  To finish your

Nacho Cushion, did you crochet a back panel too?



Non way! mes amies…



My creative wall has only been down a few days

& I have a lot of unfinished projects to work through.



So I went with the easy fabric option.




 Crochet: Nacho Cushion




Just how easy is the 'easy fabric' option?




très simple!




All you need to do is;

1) cut your fabric to match your cushion insert size (plus extra for a hem)

2) create a small hem (I turned over half an inch of fabric for my hem)

3) sew the hem in place (I used 7mm seam allowance)




It really doesn't get easier than that.




 Crochet: Nacho Cushion







Is that it?



Well no, you also need to blanket stitch around your fabric square,

add a single row of single crochet (SC) AND then you are done

…with the back panel.






Crochet: Nacho Cushion





Ahh I see where you are heading with this.





to join the front & back panels,

  just crochet them together (SC), remembering to insert the cushion

along the way & then yell  








Crochet: Nacho Cushion






Tadaah! Really?



Yes, really. 

How else is your husband/kids/neighbours

going to know how creative/awesome/loco you are?!

 (highlight where appropriate)



 I guess…




So there you have it mes petits fromages…

my Nacho Cushion.


 (mmmm melted cheese)



Crochet: Nacho Cushion





If you are stuck for something good to read,

check out Miles Kingston's book


'Le Bumper Book of Franglais'


c'est très funny!




Bird (Small) (WinCE)


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  1. Love the cushion, Heidi. Tres jolie (I’d spend time trying to find the missing accent… but it’s too early in the day!)
    Can’t get nachos off my mind now and it’s only breakfast time here!!!

  2. It is beautiful Heidi! And very cleverly put together. I’ve stored that away in my brain to use later! The quilt? It hasn’t got off the ground. My hands seem to be taking a break too! Take care and have lots of fun. Alison x

  3. Hi there – I actually wondered whether i could ask a question about the blanket in your last pic? You have crochet-ed around the edges of the squares of fabric and I was just wondering what you did to those squares before you did the crochet? Are they two squares joined together like a mini quilt? Or single squares? If they are single squares did you have to sew around the edge to stop them fraying first? Thanks in advance, Sonia

  4. Good question!
    The Kaffe Fusion blanket is made up of Charm Squares; each section has two squares (5″ sq) sewn together (wrongs sides together- 5mm seam allowamce) and then flipped right side out with a 5mm top stitch.
    I then added a blanket stitch around as above and simply crocheted away 🙂
    Hope that helps, please feel free to email me on [email protected] if you have further questions.

  5. I am always trying to think of a great way for joining the back of cushion covers, the next one i make I will be using your method that looks so easy and pretty. Love the cushion it’s beautiful and really enjoyed the post xx Glad you’ve got your mojo back xx

  6. I have enjoyed visiting your blog often, and this morning was no exception. I enjoyed myself immensely reading through several posts, starting with the most recent, then just clicking links that sounded good.
    I especially enjoyed this one on your Nacho cushion cover. I love nachos! lol! I also highly favor the colors you have chosen.

  7. Hey there Shelley, Thank you so much for your positive feedback, it has brightened my day!
    It has also made me realise that I need to add more Franglais into my everyday conversation…n’est ce pas innit?!

  8. hi been trying to find the pattern for your block that u turned into cushion hope you can help me michelle

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