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Flickr Fest Best: Watercolours





Last week I started a

'Drawing for Beginner's' course.

 Along with a course plan, I received a list of

supplies to buy.


There were the usual suspects, paper, HB pencils & eraser, but 

watercolour pencils?









Watercolor Cats
Flickr Fest Best: Dani Hasse





Flickr Fest Best: Åke Brattberg




 Watercolour sketches

  Flickr Fest Best: DailyPic





Flickr Fest Best: zarprey






Abstract Art Watercolor
Flickr Fest Best: Jose F. Sosa




  Art: Watercolour: state of mind
Flickr Fest Best: Nadia Minic




I can't draw let alone paint.



This is certainly going to be





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  1. I have had a set of watercolour pencils for some 12 years now, they’ve gone with me everywhere even though I neglect them and never seem to use them 🙁 but you’ve inspired me to break them out!

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