SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt Pt 2


SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt PT 2


Is next

on my ever growing list of

 ‘Work in Progress’ projects.


I will be honest,

I was hoping that I had dreamt up the

Mystery Quilt.


 SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt Pt 2


That way I can concentrate on

the ‘other’ quilt I began at the weekend.



Instead, I have another 6 blocks to make, and

very little fabric left over from the first 3.


It doesn’t look good for me

does it?!


6 Comments on SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt…Part 2

  1. Finished quilt looks good though, according to the front page of this month’s Sew Hip, so definitely persevere! I haven’t bought Sew Hip for a while – patterns don’t appeal particularly in last few issues, and I sold a lot of my back copies too. Since I started crocheting, no time for sewing now. 🙁

  2. Hope you have enough fabric to finish – it would be such a shame after all your hard work. And I’m looking forward to seeing it!!

  3. …I think I will have to integrate the few scraps from the first 3 blocks I have left with some different coloured fabrics. I could call it the ‘Quilt of Season’?!

  4. Looking very creative and this is what you get up to when D is away. Are you like me and have it spread all of the house 🙂

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