Spendula Lavendula Tablerunner

Spendula Lavendula: Tablerunner





  I know, I know!

It's an awful project name but there it is;

I am rubbish at naming

my craftlings.




 Nomenclature shortcomings aside,

Splendula Lavendula is last week's project

that wasn't…



 Spendula Lavendula Tablerunner






 All I see are last week's Spring flowers,

what were they again?




Poppies and Ranunculi…

look beyond the flowers,

can you see it?





 Spendula Lavendula Tablerunner







Keep scrolling!


(Professional interviewer my a…)



I heard that!




Spendula Lavendula Tablerunner







It's a tablerunner, with cross stitch.

Very nice.



Thank you, I think so.


(yes, yes)





 Spendula Lavendula Tablerunner





Where did you get the cross stitch pattern?


I didn't.


Well not in the usual sense.



 OOooo tell me more!





 Picture 8769A (Medium)








 You make it sound more exciting than it is.

 I simply copied the pattern from a photo in a

Japanese magazine.


The magazine close up was so good,

I was able to pop the pattern straight onto graph paper, and

then onto the gingham.



Easy az!

(you are not as daft as you look… )


I heard that!


(…and has Batfink ears too)






 Spendula Lavendula Tablerunner




So there you have it,

one Spendula Lavendula tablerunner

perfect for Spring.




Spendula Lavendula Tablerunner



Bird (Small) (WinCE)

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11 Comments on Sewing: Spendula Lavendula..Tablerunner

  1. Those are the loveliest spring flowers, what a great time you had with your camera! The crosstitch on the check cloth is brilliant. Why do some people have all the talent?! xJosie

  2. you make me laugh…just pure laughter…thank you, I needed that. I love the professional interviewer…it wouldn’t be the same without her.. 🙂
    and the photos of the flowers are fabulous and the needlework is very pretty and well done!!!…I do that…look at the photos and just copy it!!! wish it was Spring again here!!!

  3. Hey there!
    I am so happy you all like the spring tablerunner too. It might be simple but it has oodles of charm (in my opinion).
    re: neatness of stitches – it’s very easy to be neat on gingham (gotta love the grid)

  4. @ Josie & Fiona, I seem to be having problems posting comments on Blogspot. You may get loads of the same comment or none at all. If you haven’t got my comment this is what I wanted to say.
    @Josie – I love how all of your work always looks so cozy & snug
    @Fiona – Fantastic first effort, can’t wait to see more of your patchwork.

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