Retro Reindeer Tablemats

Cross Stitch: Retro Reindeer Tablemats

You read right…REINDEER.





Or whatever you call the Rangifur tarandus;

It’s that time again.

No really, it is.

My local supermarket says so. 

Mince pie anyone?

So why am I not groaning in despair like the rest of you?


Because I like reindeer.

Retro Reindeer Tablemats

 I thought you liked goats?


Goats, Reindeer….same thing really.

(only kidding)



Retro Reindeer Tablemats

(Okay then)

How about you tell us about the tablemats.


Cross Stitch Reindeer, fir trees and snowflakes.

28 count Permin linen.

Batting & backing fabric.



Retro Reindeer Tablemats


Why Retro?


I used brown thread…on antique look linen?

I was listening to Slade whilst sewing?

 I was snacking on Romkugler?

Retro Reindeer Tablemats

and that makes it “Retro”?


Probably not,

but ‘Retro Reindeer’ sounds better than

looks like something your mum might have made

during the 1970’s’… tablemats.

Touché… or should that be touchy?



Retro Reindeer Tablemats


This isn’t the last of the “Reindeer” is it?

Most definately not.


But first, I need to find where my lovely hubbie

has hidden my Christmas cd’s.

(yes, yes)

Retro Reindeer Tablemats



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  1. Love! So it’s not to early to be listening to christmas cd’s than, let me just go and put on some frank sinatra christmas right now 🙂 xx

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