Newsprint Series: Hearts

The Newsprint Series: Hearts




In my bid to get ready for






I have come up with a little series called





Today's craftling is the my first offering.




  Newsprint Series: Hearts






Tell me more!

You know how much I like

hanging decorations




I do,

you drool whenever you see some.


I do not!





Newsprint Series: Hearts







the longest river in North Africa?




Getting back to my Newsprint Series;

I have made some hearts.




  Newsprint Series: Hearts





I see that, I like the fabric.

Isn't it great?!

It's by Alice Kennedy

'Newsprint in White'

from her Poppy Lane range.



The red lettering (cross stitch) is by my fair hand.




  Newsprint Series: Hearts





It looks a little neat for you…




But you are right,

it's way too neat to be a freehand;



I tacked some left over Permin linen

from the Reindeer Tablemats over the fabric for precision,

then simply cross stitched over the top.




Smart eh?

It makes sense now.




Newsprint Series: Hearts






you plan on using this fabric again?



For sure,

but I may widen the 'Newsprint' scope a little,

to make things interesting.

(for me)






Newsprint Series: Hearts






I look forward to seeing the next installment.


Me too!




  Newsprint Series: Hearts




 Until then…

Have a wonderful day!





Bird (Small) (WinCE)

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  1. Hey there Sandi!
    The center of the hearts are cross stitched. I used some linen ontop of the fabric to help sew the lettering on (keeps things tidy). I will try and take some photos of the process next time.

  2. Oh I do love these! Really love the newsprint fabric. I used to work where we sold fabric and don’t think I ever saw any as cute as what you used in making these awesome hearts. I could see cutting out a piece of the fabric and framing it as is it’s so pretty! 🙂

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