The Newsprint Series: Vintage




The Newsprint Series: Vintage Hearts & Stars






& Estrellas




That's right,

I have actually kept one of my promises (to myself);

to do another Newsprint crafling.


I am now  a teeny bit closer

to being able to justify the 'Series' in my title.






 Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars





 Tell me more about your Vintage hearts & stars.



Glorious Sunday afternoon

Paper, scissors & thread

Cups of tea


Oodles of fun!





 Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars






Sounds relaxing…

It is and it was.





 Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars






What makes your little hearts & stars




The fact I used a December 1935

Australian Women's Weekly

magazine for the stars.






Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars







Where did you get the magazine, & should you be

cutting it up?





Got you!

As if I would cut up a 76 year old magazine;

I simply photocopied my favourite pages

& chopped them up.






Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars






Now that is smart.

Isn't it!





 Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars





Is the magazine worth reading?




It sure is. 

Check out Trove for Australian Women's Weekly

for yourself.



The people at Trove have scanned issues from the 1930's

right through to the 1980's.



They are a fantastic read.




 Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars






Are you still there?




Sorry, I have just found the coolest

corset advert ever.




Newsprint Sereis: Vintage Hearts & Stars

Check out Trove




Sewing Daisies Bird

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  1. Your dialogues always brighten up my day.
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