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 Beyond The Square ♥ Celebrations


 Guess what?!


I am down to my last

‘Beyond the Square’

crochet motif!


That’s right,

I have made 143 motifs

from one little book.



Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs

You have worked your way through

a whole motif book?


Yes I have!

The book is called ‘Beyond the Square’ by Edie Eckman

(in case you missed that) and there are

144 motifs in it.


 Beyond the Square crochet motif -  54


Cool! When did you start this little

project of yours?


I posted my first motif up back in

May 2010.


(the 22nd to be precise).


Beyond the Square crochet motif -  112



 You have been plugging away at these motifs

for a year & a half?!


Are you sure?


It doesn’t sound like something you

would do.

As I said earlier,




Beyond the Square crochet motif -  10


Was it fun?


It was, and I learnt a few things too.

(yes, yes)


Beyond the Square crochet motif -  119

Like what?


That I can’t crochet from written instructions;

18 months on, I still don’t know the proper name for this



let alone this


Only kidding!

This isn’t a crochet symbol.

But this is


I think my inability to read patterns, might be

why I can’t knit.


(so nothing to do with your cack-handedness then?)



Beyond the Square crochet motif -  85


…and the other things you learnt?


Difficult looking

charts are usually very easy.


 Triangles suck.


Beyond the Square crochet motif -  19


Do you have a favourite ‘Beyond the Square’



I don’t think I have,

but I do prefer the textured ones


You know, the ones with




sticky -pokey up


 Like motif 26, you mean.



Beyond the Square crochet motif - 49


What about colours,

do you have any preferences?


I enjoyed working with




yellow &



Motifs always come out ‘happy shiny’ 

with that combination.


A close second,

I guess would be the orange & jade combination.

Motif 115 always catches my eye when I look

through the gallery.


Beyond the Square crochet motif - 115


And your least favourite motif?


What all of them?!

Pretty much.


Beyond the Square crochet motif -  26


So these were the hardest to make?


No. Most of them are actually very easy to make


The problem is that they

never want to be triangles.

It’s frustrating.


Beyond the Square crochet motif -  22


Okay…so the hardest to make is?

Motif 22!


I tried on 4 separate occasions to get those

bullions to work, & struck out everytime

on the second wrapped swirl.


Wrapping yarn 12 times around a 2mm crochet hook,

and THEN pulling yarn through the lot is not easy!


I call this motif,

the ‘Ruiner of Saintly Patience’.



Beyond the Square crochet motif -  107


I wonder what Edie has to say about that name?


Not sure,

I heard she lives on a tiny isolated island, far,

far away from a post office.

I will check for you…

Please don’t.

  Beyond the Square crochet motif -  143


 So, what are your plans after the last motif

is posted?


Drink Rootbeer!


and after that?


Find another ‘little lengthy’ project to get on with. 

I need structure in my life, or nothing gets done.


 Beyond the Square crochet motif -  17



  Congratulations  on completing this one!

I look forward to hearing all about your new project.


 Thank you




17 Comments on Beyond the Square ♥ Celebrations!

  1. Congratulations, Heidi! I’d run a mile from a project like that! I can’t read the symbols either -I need it written out preferably using US crochet terminology (I learned to crochet in Canada) and even then I sometimes just don’t get the simplest instruction!!
    Maybe the logical progression is to work through Edie Eckmann’s book of edgings next?! Feel free to ignore that suggestion!

  2. Heidillujah indeed! There is a book with 300 motifs in it …just saying! Well done and I look forward to your next adventure of the yarny kind…

  3. I’m curious though… What, pray tell, will you do with the 144 motifs? Will they be Tree Ornaments (as you’ve done before)? Perhaps you could utilize them in some form of guerrilla crochet art out in the world somewhere? Oo I dare you to do that… Or maybe join them all in a wild crazy-crochet blanket? Would that even be possible? What what what will Heidi do with them???
    Congratulations on finishing this project! Truly amazing and just beautiful!

  4. Congratulations Heidi a marvellous achievement can’t wait to see what you do next! I’ve made two motifs from this lovely book, they are very tricky!

  5. Thank you all for your lovely words! I am not sure what I will do next or indeed what to do with all of my little motifs but as I am taking next week off, maybe I will hit upon something then.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. I am SO impressed! I’ll bet you and I are the only ones who have made all 144 of those motifs! And yours are all SO cute. You probably didn’t even know that I’ve been stalking you from the beginning, from my tiny isolated island far from a post office, but which has excellent internet access.
    If you ever come my way, I’ll buy you a rootbeer!

  7. Oooo my very own long distance stalker!…
    Thank you very much for stopping by Sewing Daisies; I have really enjoyed working through your book, and when I am in the area I will definately stop by for a rootbeer.
    Have a fanatstic day!

  8. Congratulations to you,wow.I must say that when I saw your motifs on the beggining I wanted to have this book and after some time I receive it in a swap and only did about dozen of them.Always wanted to ask you what did you do with all the motifs so now it is perfect opotunity for it =o).Also,I love your photos and colors and must tell you that yours lovely work should be in that book.What is your next project,looking forward to seen it.Have a lovely day ful with wonderful hookie time.Greetings from Serbia.

  9. Hey there Danijela!
    Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies and for all of your lovely comments. I haven’t decided yet what to do with my motifs but maybe I could make a cushion case from them?

  10. I was reading a 19th century stitch book – forget which one, it was from Dover Press, and there used to be bullion crochet hooks with a long straight shaft so it would be a litttle bit easier to do. Maybe someone makes them now?

  11. Wow Heidi!! I mean really wow!! Amazing motifs and loved reading your post about the same. I have the same motif book and i am also working my way thru it. Done with circles (or most of it) tho i agree that Motif #22 is the most difficult one and i havn’t been able to pull it off!!
    Love the colors you have used and also enjoyed myself throughly reading this post.

  12. Thank you so much Rajeswari for stopping by Sewing Daisies.
    It’s great to hear from other people working through the book. I love this book and had such fun going through it.
    I would love to see your versions, are you on Flickr?

  13. Hi Heidi!
    Wow, that’s amazing!! Rajeswari let me know about your site, I’m so glad I’ve found you now! Without knowing your blog, I’ve started the same Challenge (i.e. working my way through the book) in January and invited my readers to join me on this journey. Actually it was my goal to make at least 100 motifs, but seeing what you have accomplished… I think I have to raise it to 144, too 🙂
    I’d like to invite you to come over to my blog and share your motifs in our “Beyond the Square”-gallery. And next time I blog about the Challenge, I’ll definitely mention your great site!
    Hugs from k-town,

  14. Hey there Barbara,
    Thank you so much for stopping By Sewing Daisies – it’s great to meet others who are willing to take on the Beyond the Square challenge.
    I have just been to check out your work, and it’s glorious. I love the colours you are using!
    I will definitely pop a few of mine into your gallery.
    Enjoy your challenge (I did)

  15. Just came across your site and am amazed at all the wonderful Squares. I love granny squares and I will look into pattern for these. Coulours are my downfall so this site will help. Thank You susan M j

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