Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 6


Crochet of the Day: Beyond the Square Motif 6


Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 6



Just found this motif tucked in the back of my blog post schedule from 2010;

somehow it didn’t get posted! 


2 Comments on Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 6

  1. Glad you found it – it’s a very pretty one in a fab colour!
    You have a schedule for blog posts?!! Wow – very organised! I have trouble keeping to once a week for My Creative Space .. let alone planning anything to post!

  2. Tell me about it!
    If it wasn’t for my schedule none of the motifs would have gone up. I am not sure what is going to happen once they are gone, I think I am going tohave to find another little book to work from.

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