Sewing Daisies: The Newsprint Series



The Newsprint Series: Placemats










A placemat is a protective tablepad

usually made of paper, plastic or cloth.




Restaurants, cafe's and homes.




Because they look cute!

Oh, I guess they also protect the dinner table from water marks,

food stains or heat damage.






The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Don't tell me,

you made placemats this weekend.



I did indeed.

They are part of my Newsprint Series.


(yes, yes)





The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Weren't you supposed to be thinking of a

new 'little lengthy' project?




One to replace 'Beyond the Square'?

Yeah I was,

but my will wasn't willing.




 I tried to think of a new project, huge

 chunks of my brain shut down.



After about 5 seconds,

I barely had enough juice running through me

to open my chocolate bar.






 The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Are you back on chocolate then?





I meant to be off it?!!





Ahh you are teasing me, nice one!





 The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Getting back to the placemats;

I like the gingham.




Me too!


The black & white gingham makes a great back drop for

the Newsprint hearts,

and the red stitching.



I am going to call them

"I will do anything for love"






 The Newsprint Series: Placemats







You know, when rock meets love (ballard).

Think Meatloaf.





The Newsprint Series: Placemats







…thinking about your new 'little lengthy' project.

It's hurting all of our heads.




Chocolate eat now.

Brain no work, tastebuds do.









The Newsprint Series: Placemats



 Have you considered writing up tutorials

for your craftlings?








You know, little step by steps

to help people along with their projects…





Another part of my brain is shutting down!






  The Newsprint Series: Placemats












I will put your suggestion on my blog

'improvements' list.



(when I start one)




The Newsprint Series: Placemats




I have some more thinking to do.



Have a fantastic week!




Bird (Small) (WinCE)


4 Comments on The Newsprint Series: Placemats

  1. I love your placemats and your gorgeous egg cups, I’m a big fan of red and white polka dots and this caught my eye straight away LOVE them. Mmmm chocolate now I’m thinking about chooclate and I’m suppose to be quitting too hehe 🙂

  2. Hello Heidi. I discovered your blog yesterday and I just cant stop reading it. It is really an inspiration and Im so happy I stayed up too late last nite otherwise I would never had stumbled upon it. I love love love your craftiness and it made me want to get started with all my projects. Yay hihi Im happy because Im such a slowstarter, so thanks 🙂 Saying thanks by sharing a little link that I came across while browsing on the net, creativity is endless:
    take care // Anette from Sweden

  3. Hey there Anette,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello! I am so glad to have enjoyed some of my posts.
    I know what you mean about being a slow starter, I am still not very confident about crafting so I drag me heels alot 😀
    How awesome are those paper-cut rolls?!!!! (I really need to get some paper-cut books)
    Anyhoo…I can’t wait to see your next project.

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