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The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels





Christmas Decorations


de Navidad!




This weeks installement of

The Newsprint Series

wil be nice & quick.


Vintage Angels!





The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






 It sounds like you have been reading

old copies of Australian Women's Weekly.



That's right!

I enjoyed using their old adverts

so much for my Vintage Candle project,

that I decided to make some decorations

to match.






The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels





I am guessing this project involves

paper, glue and scissors?





The Vintage Angel project is great.

It is so easy to do,


making it a perfect distraction for

little hands that are trying to 'feel-guess'

their presents.






The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






You have small hands don't you?


Maybe (yes)

So… I can't be trusted with presents,

but that doesn't mean they should be 

kept at the office….







The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






These Vintage Angels of yours, are they

your own design?



No, they came from a Danish book I bought

a few years back, called



Julepynt Med Saks og Papir

(Paper & Scissors – Christmas Decoratios) 





Julepynt by Olivia




Did you buy it on Amazon?


No, in Denmark, but I have had look on 


But they don't have it, which is a great shame

as it really is a lovely little book.






The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






I guess there are ways of working

around that?



I was thinking I could make this

my new "little lengthy" challenge

& work my way through the book.


and post up a little tutorial for each?





They are  

really easy projects




So that's settled then.




  The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels





You will work through the book &

"endeavour to try and turn up for atleast one tutorial

per module, per term"…


I don't think we need to bring up my Uni report do you?!


But it's funny!





The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels




Back to my ladies!  


More photos can be found  here!



Vintage Paper Angels Tutorial



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  1. Ah Heidi, I really do love your blog and all you make. It’s so much fun to read through all your posts and I love going back and forth. And – I must say – I am looking forward to those tutorials you were talking about. Fun, Fun, Fun! Thank you so much. Greetings from Germany

  2. Hey there Claudia,
    It’s so great to meet new people from around the world! Thank you for your lovely encouragement. I now think a little tutorial here & there might not be such a bad thing 😀
    Have a wonderful day!

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