God-jul-Pepparkaka-Gingerbread's-heart 1 (Medium)




Merry Christmas



Mele Kalikimaka

 Feliz Navidad

God Jul



(it's just around the corner!)






 Big star (Medium)







You are back!

Did you have a nice time?



I did thank you.






  Danish Christmas Heart





You look very tanned (& lovely),

Hawaii suits you.




Thank you again!

   Keep the compliments flowing, 

Gløgg suits you.






I am just getting in the holiday spirit






I know

I now have to make another batch!







Danish flag (Medium)




You have happy feet, is that

because of your holiday or something else?




Something else,

It's my birthday today!

(24th Dec)




 (yes, yes)






Snow Heart



So it is.

You are getting quite long in the tooth now.




(sigh, yes I am)







Christmas Decorations




Got any plans?

 I was thinking of going to the beach.



Smileyface (Medium)


 Of course you were.





Christmas Stars





Before you go, will you be doing one of your

end of year reviews soon?





 I will, but I don't have much to review.

This year has been all over the place



We had the house move,

change in jobs, and then there was the passing of

my beautiful Nana.




(she will be greatly missed)






Christmas Decorations


That was very sad.

Your year has been certainly been a bit topsy turvy.



That's one way of putting it,

but I will give the review a go;

It might help me roadmap next year.



I hope.






Kys (Medium)



Brilliant, I look forward to your annual recap.

Happy Birthday!


Thank you!




Merry Christmas!!!





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