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is coming to an end.



Which means it's time to take stock.


After checking,  it turns out I completed

35 projects in 2011,

as well as finishing my Beyond the Square



Not bad for a pain in the butt year!







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Let's check out what I made:




S.E.W Sewing Machine Cozy

SEW Hip! Pretty Petals Bag

Baby Kimono Shoes: Water Bouquet

Baby Boots: French General

SEW Hip! Mishiko Knitting Bag

Cafe Brun Coasters

Sweet Nothings Napkins

Lavender Dream Hearts

Splendula Lavendula Tablerunner

Newsprint: Noel Hearts






Cross Stitch: Eva's Tulips Coasters





Cross Stitch

Eva's Tulips Coasters

Bringing Outside In (leaf)

Pin Cushion Squared

Travel Dream Napkins

Retro Reindeers Tablemats





The Bold & Beautiful Crochet Coasters






Terracott Triad

Valentine Kisses

Sweet Meadow Rose

Kaffe Fusion Blanket

Ethel Cushion

Lavender Lace Scarf

Dragon Shawl

Winter Warmth Shawl

The Bold & Beautiful Coasters

Nacho Cushions





Easter Eggs: Fabric Tastic





Paper Art: Pink & Yellow Leaves Tea Towel

Paper Art: Paper Doves

Paper Art: Bumph


Easter Eggs: How do you make yours? With Love

Easter Eggs: How do you make yours? Fabric Tastic

Easter Eggs: How do you make yours? Divine Twine


Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels

Newsprint Series: Vintage Candles

Newsprint Series: Hearts & Stars

Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts


4 x tutorials








I finished working my way through 144 crochet motifs

from Edie Eckman's gorgeous book


Beyond the Square

(yes, yes)





Beyond the Square Motif Mosaic




All in all

(according to my maths)



I managed to complete

approximately 3 projects a month.

Impressive eh?



(although I can do better)





Easter Eggs: With Love







What was not so impressive

was the fact that I found FOUR unfinished projects!



SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt

Magnum Mystery Blanket

The Colman's Scarf

and my 'make it up as you go' quilt.



I also found some proclamations

about teaching myself Tunisian Crochet,

& snooping about in other lands.

(Craft Nations).




I guess I will have to address those 'projects' in 2012.







Newsprint Series: Vintage Candles

Happy New Year!!!!



(See you soon, I am off to plan 2012)



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  1. Seems like you’ve done loads! I’ve got things I didn’t do that I meant to or didn’t finish (and shoved to the back of the cupboard and may not be admitting to!) as well, but that’s life!
    Hope you have a lovely New Year, Heidi, and that you continue to enjoy crafting in 2012!

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