Tutorial: Paper Doves



Cross Stitcher: 'With Love" Doves

 Template from

Cross Stitcher (UK) Dec 2010



  • Scissors
  • Sharp needle
  • Foam base (optional)
  • Embroidery floss
  • White watercolour paper
  • Cereal box card
  • Glue





If you plan on making more than one Paper Dove, I recommend you make a semi permanent template. Simply print out a copy pf the Dove template, glue the full template onto the back of a cereal box and cut out the dove & wings.


Foam Base:

To avoid damaging your paper during hole punching, I recommend putting something soft i.e. a foam base under the paper.



  Tutorial: Paper Doves






Step 1:

Using your (cereal box) template,

draw your doves onto watercolour paper

& cut out.





Tutorial: Paper Doves






Step 2:

Lightly draw

the Cross Stitcher or your own design

onto the doves.






Tutorial: Paper Doves







Step 3:

With a soft base under your cut-out & using a sharp needle,

punch along your design at regular intervals.


Don't forget

the hole in the dove's upper back for it's wings.






Tutorial: Paper Doves






Step 4:

Erase the pencil marks leaving just the holes.





  Tutorial: Paper Doves





Step 5:

Using either running or back stitch,

sew your design onto your paper dove using embroidery floss

(6 strand is good).


Finish your work with a small knot to secure it.





Tutorial: Paper Doves






Step 6:

Cut a length of floss,

thread it through the hole in the

dove's back.


Step 7:

Sew the doubled up thread

through the middle of the wings & push them down

to rest on the dove's back.

Optional – tie a knot to secure the wings.



Step 8:

Gently fold your wings

& hang!





  Paper Doves



Paper Art: Doves




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