It's 2012


I am back on track.


(well nearly)





Ws_Railway_tracks_1920x1200 (Medium)




I didn't realise you were off the tracks…


Ahh you are back – Happy New Year.




As I was saying, I am back on track.

I have had a think about what I want to achieve in 2012,

and I think I have nailed it.




I am going to carry on as usual.






LovelyLadyDrinkingTea4L (Medium)





So drinking tea & 

 staring out of the window all day…


Ha ha very funny.


No, by 'usual' I mean tinkering with crochet,

sewing and papery stuff.



There is so much to explore!



To help,

I have devised a new challenge. I call it  








Index (Medium)




Brilliant! I love sticky tape, tell me more.




Well, in 2012

I will be trying out patterns from





Mollie Makes


Made by You



and writing up my progress, just like I did with SEW Hip!.



 So no sticky tape?





Mm (Medium)




I know who Martha is but…


Mollie Makes

is a fabulous UK handcraft magazine

that came out last year,



& Made by You

 refers to all those wonderful tutorials and patterns

dreamt up by fabulous bloggers like

 Michele Made Me




  Hashs (Medium)



Have you got anything else planned for

Sewing Daisies?



Kind of…


I have decided to reformat

Flickr Fest Best



& I will be introducing 2 little features;


Dreamy. Dreamier. Divine.





The first feature

will highlight the awesome products, designs & patterns

I find along the way online in 2012


#secretsydney will showcase my new  iphone

photography challenge.





Snaps (Medium)





Don't you have an awesome camera?



I do, but I always forget to take

it out with me.



iPhone = No Excuses!




Hine_on_etsy_camera_case_2 (Medium)





No Excuses – I will hold you to that!!


I love the way you relish a good buttkicking.

If I havn't posted up a photo by the end of next week

kick away!



Now off to find some 3M projects

to play with.




Have a wonderful day!





2 Comments on 2012: Roadmap

  1. Sounds like a great plan!! Although I was looking forward to what you were going to do with sticky tape …!!!
    I’m taking the more organic, go with the flow approach! Apart from a CAL that I’ve signed up for on Ravelry, everything else will happen as and when inspiration strikes (or I need to make a birthday present!).
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with, especially in the Made by You category. There are so many good tutorials out there (none of them provided by me – I too lazy for that!).

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